Kitchen Sink Accessories

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Adding accessories to your kitchen will definitely boost the style and functionality of this highly used space. Vintage Tub offers a wide variety of items that can simply be the finishing touches to your perfect kitchen. Complete your kitchen’s look with the huge selection of accessories offered in a variety of finishes. Here are some easy and helpful ways to achieve the prefect kitchen of your dreams.

  • Often kitchen sinks can get unsightly scratches and nicks when heavy cookware is being washed and cleaned. Protect your kitchen sink with a practical sink grid. These grids are placed inside the basin to safeguard your sink. Sink grids serve as a barrier between the basin of your sink and your cookware.
  • Continue the function of your kitchen sink area with a soap dispenser. This will create a clean and streamlined countertop around your kitchen sink.
  • Strainers are an easy and efficient way you can prevent nasty and inconvenient clogged kitchen sink drains. The most common kitchen sink strainers are basket style which rests in the sink drain and is effortlessly removed for waste discarding. Also, disposal flange and stoppers work great for kitchen sinks with garbage disposals.
  • Pot racks have been long used as a stylish way to create cabinet space in tight kitchens. These racks are available to be either ceiling hung or wall mounted. Correctly storing bulky wine bottles can eliminate clutter in your kitchen.
  • Wine racks can add a touch of luxury to every kitchen.