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Unlock Unbeatable Value With Our Shower Packages

You can upgrade your bathroom with our high-quality shower packages. Bring your shower experiences closer to luxury with our wide selection of shower systems, shower enclosures, and other bathroom accessories. You don’t have to sacrifice durability for aesthetics.


What’s Included in Our Shower Packages and Kits?

While each of our shower kits and packages is slightly different, most will come with similar pieces. We offer tub and shower packages that come with shower heads (hand showers), shower doors, and shower bases as needed. We also include shower arms in some of our packages to make your bath and shower experiences easier.

Tub-Shower Combos

Tub-shower combos are convenient, modern, and versatile. When you opt for one of our tub-shower packages, you get to upgrade your entire bathroom and check off everything on your bathroom wish list.

Tub and Shower Accessories

Some of our shower packages come with knobs, trim kits, wall mounts, and stainless steel accessories as well. You can select the kits and packages that meet your personal needs and aesthetic preferences.

For example, our Clawfoot Tub & Shower Package comes with chrome feet and fixtures. This is ideal if you’re going for a modern, futuristic aesthetic with a freestanding tub and shower arms. We also include faucets and other necessary accessories.


Finishes and Materials: Finding Your Ideal Tub and Shower Package

Brushed nickel and chrome are two of our most popular finishes. You get a wide selection when you opt for our tub-shower combo kits and packages. Some of our packages also include shower doors, which can be optimized for your space and complement other bathroom fixtures.

Chrome is our standard finish for shower arms, faucets, and shower heads. However, we also offer stainless steel and other modern finishes. Each shower and tub package is designed to match a certain aesthetic for your bathroom.

Acrylic and Cast Iron Tubs

When it comes to bathtub durability and lifespan, we highly recommend both acrylic and cast iron tubs. The bathtubs in our packages come in either of these materials, keeping them resistant to chips, cracks, and breakage over time.

Cast iron bathtubs hold heat for longer periods, while acrylic is lightweight and affordable. No matter which material you choose, you can expect high quality and durability.


Shower Doors and Bath Kits

Shower doors upgrade your showering experience and make your bathroom look more elegant. They also help with heat retention and stability. For people with disabilities or mobility problems, our ADA-compliant packages work best.

We offer reversible shower doors as well as sliding doors and bypass doors. These types of shower doors work well with alcove shower kits, also known as corner shower kits. This is a huge plus — alcove shower kits are major space savers!


Frameless and Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

Both frameless and semi-frameless doors offer stability, structure, and modern elegance to your shower wall. However, the frameless look is a bit more modern and pairs well with updated bathrooms. Semi-frameless doors make for semi-exposed shower enclosures, which may pair well with an open-concept bathroom.


Drains and Feet for Tub-Shower Combo Packages

We offer left drains, right drains, and center drains. You can also get a rear center drain if your plumbing calls for it. These tub-shower combo options give you versatility and flexibility when remodeling your bathroom.

Our feet options for your bathtub include ball and claw and imperial-style feet. Freestanding bathtubs won’t have feet, as they rest directly on the floor and connect to your plumbing that way.


Upgrading Your Shower Wall

Walk-in showers create a feeling of luxury and elegance, no matter what size your bathroom is. When it comes to upgrading your shower wall, you need a walk-in shower kit. These come with sprays, shower heads, and shower arms that give your bathroom a sleek aesthetic. You get to choose the finish for these shower accessories.


Combine Your Favorite Products: Vintage Tub & Bath Shower Packages


As you remodel your bathroom and give it its own unique flair, consider choosing one of our tub and shower packages. We’ve been in business for over 25 years and know what it takes to make every bathroom amazing. Shop our tub and shower packages for the best bath and shower options!

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