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Immerse Yourself in Luxury: Discover Bathtubs, Fixtures, and Decor to Transform Your Bathroom Oasis

What’s the quickest way to increase the value of your home? By remodeling your bathroom, of course! The home bathroom should be your oasis, a place for you to relax and unwind in your clawfoot or freestanding bathtub. Let’s take an in-depth look at your bathroom remodeling options to help you decide which fixtures are the perfect fit for a dreamlike spa experience at home.



Bathtubs are so essential that the room was named after them. We use them to stay clean, unwind, and take a beat for ourselves. It’s time to talk about tubs — here’s a breakdown of the types of tubs we offer and how they can add comfort, ambiance, and self-care to your everyday routine.


Classic Bathtub-Shower Combo

Homeowners who care about utility and comfort will love the bathtub-shower combos from Vintage Tub & Bath. Hop in the shower for a quick rinse or indulge in a long bath after a hard day at work — the choice is yours with this flexible bathroom fixture.


Jacuzzi and Whirlpool Tubs

These tubs take relaxation to new heights; all the therapeutic benefits of having your own jacuzzi bathtub are easily incorporated by including these features directly in your new bathtub. Some models are freestanding bathtubs and can boast whirlpools or jets for the ultimate at-home comfort.


Acrylic Tubs

From a visual perspective, freestanding acrylic tubs are the ultimate bathroom and spa luxury. The elegant designs are perfect for modern bathrooms, but they also have such a timeless appeal that they’re sure to add excellent value to your home regardless of your style.


Alcove Bathtubs

Are you interested in working with your space rather than against it? Alcove tubs and corner bathtubs are tucked away, allowing you room to breathe in smaller bathrooms. Or maybe you just prefer how they look. Either way, the alcove bathtubs at Vintage Tub & Bath will be a great fit.


Cast Iron Bathtubs

Another freestanding option that does the vintage name proud is cast iron tubs. These beautiful fixtures are ideal for those looking for a charming, comfortable feel that still looks sleek.


Bath Tub Faucets

Tub faucets can provide just as much variety as tubs; many faucets offer unique features and designs. And while you might have your eye on a bathtub that already has a faucet, there’s something special about putting your own spin on your new investment. From freestanding tub faucets to wall-mounted tub faucets, we provide six categories of exceptional bathtub faucets to help you create your dream bathroom.


Bathroom Mirrors

Who’s the fairest of all our bathroom vanity mirrors? There’s no easy answer when they all look this phenomenal! Everything from an LED bathroom mirror for picture perfection before you start your day to something more striking for some visual impact — we’ve got it all here waiting for you.


Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom vanity with sinks is a must for homeowners — not just for getting ready but also as a fixture to tie your bathroom together. Vanities can give a room a lot of personality through color, style, shape, or other design elements. Here are some quick details on the vanities that will transform the atmosphere of your bathroom.


Single Sink Vanity

Is your bathroom a private enclave off the main bedroom? Or do you need to spare a bit of space for more creative ideas during your remodel? A single bathroom sink vanity is for you. Vintage Tub & Bath lives up to its name with many vintage selections, but we also have stock for lovers of all things modern.


Double Sink Vanity

Sharing bathrooms is a reality, but that doesn’t mean people don’t deserve their own space. Enter the double sink vanity: perfect for couples or families that need to get ready together as much as they need their time apart. That healthy separation gets even better with dedicated cabinets, mirrors, drawers, and bathroom sink faucets on either side.


Make Your Bathroom Your New Favorite Room

Vintage Tub & Bath offers an assortment of both timeless and contemporary bathroom sinks, faucets, furniture, and accessories to make your dream bathroom a reality. So, whether you’re restoring a vintage bathroom or remodeling for a cleaner look, shop our selection of bathroom décor or call one of our experts at 877-868-1369.

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