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  1. 6030 SMIN 60 x 30 AcrylX Alcove Bathtub
    Starting at: $649.00
    Item #: AC003042
    Free Shipping!
  2. Hilo BootzCast AFR 60 x 30 Porcelain Enamel Alcove Bathtub
    Starting at: $649.00
    Item #: HILO-6030
    Free Shipping!
  3. Hana MauiCast Plus 60 x 32 Porcelain Enamel Alcove Bathtub
    Starting at: $749.00
    Item #: HANA-6032
    Free Shipping!
  4. Kona BootzCast 60 x 30 Porcelain Enamel Alcove Bathtub
    Starting at: $599.00
    Item #: KONA-6030
    Free Shipping!
  5. Pala MauiCast 60 x 30 Porcelain Enamel Alcove Bathtub
    Starting at: $699.00
    Item #: PALA-6030
    Free Shipping!
  6. Cariani Acrylic Alcove Bathtub - White
    Starting at: $1,049.00
    Item #: 8072620-WH-S
    Free Shipping!
  7. Cooper 60 x 30 Inch Acrylic Alcove Bathtub - White
    Starting at: $1,049.00
    Item #: 9460600-WH-S
    Free Shipping!
  8. Cooper 60 x 32 Inch Acrylic Alcove Bathtub - White
    Starting at: $1,445.00
    Item #: 6960600Q-WH-S
    Free Shipping!
  9. Marratta Acrylic 60 Inch Alcove Bathtub - White
    Starting at: $1,449.00
    Item #: 7260420-WH-S
    Free Shipping!
  10. Novelli Acrylic Alcove Bathtub - White
    Starting at: $979.00
    Item #: 7660620-WH-S
    Free Shipping!
  11. Vecelli 72 Inch Acrylic Alcove Bathtub - White
    Starting at: $1,069.00
    Item #: 7872620-WH-S
    Free Shipping!
  12. Joliet Acrylic Alcove Bathtub
    Starting at: $995.00
    Item #: JOLIET
    Free Shipping!
  13. Joliet Acrylic Drop-In Bathtub with End Drain
    Starting at: $995.00
    Item #: JOLIET-END
    Free Shipping!
  14. Joliet Acrylic Alcove Skirted Bathtub
    Starting at: $1,295.00
    Item #: JOLIET-SKIRT
    Free Shipping!
  15. Medora Acrylic Alcove Bathtub
    Starting at: $995.00
    Free Shipping!
  16. Medora Acrylic Alcove Skirted Bathtub
    Starting at: $1,295.00
    Item #: MEDORA-SKIRT
    Free Shipping!
  17. Idea 59 Inch Acrylic Corner Tub - No Faucet Drillings
    Starting at: $5,026.00
    Item #: IDEA-WHT-S
    Free Shipping!
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Explore Alcove Tubs: Stylish and Space-Saving Bathing Solutions 

Alcove bathtubs are the perfect solution to cramped, tight bathroom spaces. While freestanding or clawfoot tubs can be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, alcove tubs save space and provide a perfect place to relax. At the end of a long day, you can sink into your low alcove bathtub and decompress.


Your Home Remodel Wishlist: What Is an Alcove Tub?

What is an alcove bathtub? These types of soaker tubs are surrounded by walls on three sides, leaving one side open to step into the tub. Many home remodels include drop-in alcove tubs that double as showers, giving you plenty of options for cleaning yourself.


Alcove Tubs vs. Freestanding Bathtubs for Home Improvement

Typically, alcove bathtubs are more affordable, safer, and more accessible for more types of people. Our selection of alcove tubs is ADA-compliant. If someone has mobility problems, an alcove tub provides more support with the three enclosed walls.

Conveniently, alcove bathtubs double as showers. When you soak in your alcove bathtub, you have armrests and plenty of storage space. This storage translates to more efficient showers as well.

Low alcove tubs offer more bang for your buck as far as accessibility, saving space, and affordable home remodeling.


Jet Therapy for Alcove Tubs: Whirlpool/Jacuzzi and Air Baths

It’s understandable to want a whirlpool (Jacuzzi) or air bath to relax and unwind in. Alcove soaking bathtubs do not come with jets, while alcove whirlpool bathtubs and air baths do. You can choose the option that works best for your budget and lifestyle.


Alcove Whirlpool Bathtubs

Whirlpool bathtubs, also known as Jacuzzi tubs, sprays streams of water through jets on the sides. The moving water applies pressure to your muscles and gives you a relaxing, comforting sensation throughout your body. They often have integral aprons, which are exposed walls on the outside to accommodate the pumps and other hardware.


Alcove Air Baths

Alcove air baths are similar to Jacuzzi tubs, except they use streams of air to create pressure instead of water. Air baths apply less pressure to your body while still offering a gentle massage. If you have soreness or medical restrictions, an alcove air bath might better suit your needs.


Trending Alcove Bathtub Options

You have a wide selection of the best alcove tubs when you shop with us. We offer various alcove tubs with different drain placements, materials, and foot types.



Alcove drop-in tubs can be made from different materials. Acrylic is the most common and popular for its durability and affordability, but you have options.

You can get an alcove drop-in tub made from any of the following materials:

  • Acrylic
  • AcrylX
  • Porcelain enamel
  • Steel

These diverse alcove bath options offer different price points and aesthetic finishes for your bathroom remodeling.


Soaking Depths

Depending on your needs, you can select one of two soaking depths for your drop-in tub. We offer depths of 10-13 inches and 14-17 inches, respectively.


Tub Lengths

Everyone’s space is different, so we offer two ranges of tub lengths. You can choose between lengths of 53-57 inches and 58-62 inches.


Alcove Bath Styles

Alcove bathtubs come in traditional alcove styles, corner styles, and freestanding styles. Freestanding alcove baths don’t have drop-in tubs; instead, they rest against the intersection of two walls (a corner).


Drain Location

Your tub needs to drain properly. Depending on the setup of your bathroom, you may need a different drain placement than someone else. For example, a bathtub with right-hand drains works best up against the right side of a bathroom.

We offer different drain locations in our alcove baths. You can get drain placements in the center, right side, left side, or rear center of your tub, according to your remodeling needs. Whether you opt for a right-hand drain or a left-hand drain will depend on the location of the pipes in your bathroom.


Finishes and Shapes

With our white or high-gloss white finishes, you can get the perfect aesthetic going for your bathroom. We carry rectangular and specialty shapes to fit into corners and alcoves in your bathing spaces.


High-Quality Alcove Tubs from Vintage Tub & Bath

Make your bathroom remodeling experience luxurious with Vintage Tub & Bath. Our freestanding or drop-in tubs come with a manufacturer’s warranty to ensure your success with the product. We also offer bathroom vanities, faucets, signature hardware, and other bathroom remodeling products.

Shop our wide selection of alcove soaking bathtubs with high customer ratings today!

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