Oil Rubbed Bronze Guide

Oil Rubbed Bronze differs among manufacturers so keep this in mind if getting a close match is important to you. Some manufacturers’ offer this as more of a flat, matte finish and others as a more iridescent finish. Within these, some are a “living finish” which means it may be plated with metals and/or have oxidizing agents applied to achieve its mellow finish. A “living finish” also changes over time with use or touch making each piece unique. All of these specialty finishes are fragile finishes that must be inspected prior to installation and are not warranted further. Some examples are listed below.

Moen ORB
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Pegasus ORB
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Belle Foret
Belle Foret ORB
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Elizabethan Classic
Elizabethan Classic ORB
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Randolph Morris
Randolph Morris ORB
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St. Thomas
St. Thomas ORB
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Strom Plumbing
Strom Plumbing ORB
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Sunrise Specialty
Sunrise Specialty ORB
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Whitehaus ORB
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Delta ORB
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American Bath Factory
American Bath Factory ORB
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