Are you looking for quality design tips when making a purchase decision for a bathroom remodel or redesign? Vintage Tub & Bath has a great series of bathroom and kitchen buying guides, everything from clawfoot tubs and vanities to farmhouse sinks and kitchen faucets. We’ve designed these buying guides to be as useful as possible so that you can make a well-informed decision while shopping for new items for your home. These guides are the perfect resource for bathroom and kitchen diy or full home makeovers.


Clawfoot Tub Buying GuideClawfoot Tub Buying Guide

Discover the charming characteristics of clawfoot tubs and get inspired to find your perfect match.

Copper Tub Buying GuideCopper Tub Buying Guide

Discover the stunning aesthetic and ancient healing properties of copper tubs for a Zen-like bathroom upgrade.

Freestanding Tub Buying GuideFreestanding Tub Buying Guide

Explore various freestanding tub designs and materials to transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis.

Bathroom Sink Buying GuideBathroom Sink Buying Guide

From classic to modern styles, shop beautifully crafted bathroom sinks for your renovation project.

Tub Faucet Buying GuideTub Faucet Buying Guide

Add the finishing touches to your bathtub with a sleek and seamless tub faucet installation.

Clawfoot Tub Sizing GuideClawfoot Tub Sizing Guide

Explore different clawfoot tub sizes and how to measure your space to upgrade to one of these classic bathtubs. 

Toilet Buying GuideToilet Buying Guide

Don't buy just any toilet, find your favorite. Explore various options to complement your style and preference.

Tub Supply Lines Buying GuideTub Supply Lines Buying Guide

Learn about different types of tub supply lines and ensure a flawless water flow to your bathtub remodel.

Tub Drain Buying GuideTub Drain Buying Guide

Choose the perfect drain to complete your tub renovation and enjoy a blissful retreat.

Bathroom Mirrors Buying GuideBathroom Mirrors Buying Guide

Make sure your bath decor reflects a style you love. Discover a variety of bathroom mirror designs and features.

Solid Surface Buying GuideSolid Surface Buying Guide

Explore the endless benefits of our handmade, artisanal solid surface bathtubs and add serenity your space.

Vanity Buying GuideVanity Buying Guide

Elevate your bathroom to new level of luxury with our curated selection of stylish and functional vanities.

Slipper Tub Buying Guide Slipper Tub Buying Guide

Explore various slipper tub designs and materials to stylize your bathroom remodel. 

Tub Foam Buying GuideTub Foam Buying Guide

Enjoy an indulgent bath and an extra layer of warmth with our specially designed tub foam insulation.

Finish GuideFinish Guide

Elegance is in the details. Add the perfect finishing touch to your home with our high-quality hardware finishes.


Shower Door Buying GuideShower Door Buying Guide

Upgrade your bathroom space with the sustainable beauty of a premium glass shower door.

Shower Baser Buying GuideShower Baser Buying Guide

Explore shower base options and ensure a durable foundation for your shower renovation.

Shower Wall Buying GuideShower Wall Buying Guide

Transform your shower with ease and get a fresh look for your bathroom with our low-maintenance shower wall panels.

Steam Shower Buying GuideSteam Shower Buying Guide

Experience the soothing benefits of a steam shower and create a personal spa-like oasis right at home.

Accessible Shower Buying GuideAccessible Shower Buying Guide

Discover the perfect solution for creating a safe and comfortable space with our accessible shower designs.

Shower Enclosure Buying GuideShower Enclosure Buying Guide

Get the best of both worlds by transforming your clawfoot tub into a full shower enclosure.

Exposed Pipe Shower Buying GuideExposed Pipe Shower Buying Guide

Discover the unique charm of exposed pipe showers.


Kitchen Sink Buying GuideKitchen Sink Buying Guide

Make meal prep and clean up a breeze with the perfect kitchen sink. Add stylish functionality to your space today!

Farmhouse Sink Buying GuideFarmhouse Sink Buying Guide

Looking to achieve a rustic, country aesthetic in your kitchen? Don't forget the quintessential farmhouse sink.

Kitchen Faucet Buying GuideKitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Complete your kitchen sink remodel with a seamless new faucet that combines sleek design and superior performance.

Home Lighting Buying GuideHome Lighting Buying Guide

Discover aspects of lighting including styles, sizing, colors & finishes, lightbulb types, & more to transform your space.

Signature Bathroom and Kitchen Hardware GuideSignature Bathroom and Kitchen Hardware Guide

Shop top-quality, premium pieces for your dream home with our budget-friendly signature bath and kitchen collection.

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