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Bathroom Toilets

One of the most important pieces of a functioning bathroom other than the bathtub is the toilet, since it’s a fixture and gets so much use. Since its invention, the toilet has evolved in style, design, and in color. From vintage toilets to modern, is here to help you avoid any confusion you may have and to answer these common questions:

What is the difference between round and elongated toilets?

Round toilets are circle shaped making them smaller in size, designed to fit older homes and smaller bathrooms. While elongated toilets are egg shaped which gives them a larger surface area, allowing for a more comfortable sitting space.

 What are the differences between one piece & two piece toilets?

A two piece toilet’s tank and bowl are two individual pieces. Usually it has a larger tank that contributes in its flushing power. While one piece toilets have a fused tank and bowl. This design enables for an easier cleaning because of no gaps.

What type of toilets can lower my water bill and help the planet?

WaterSense toilets and dual flush toilets use less water; this saves you money while saving the planet. Dual Flush toilets have two different flushes; a low volume flush for liquid waste and a higher volume flush for solid waste. Anything with WaterSense Certification label is certified by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for high efficiency and high performance.

What type of toilets work well for small spaces?

Usually any round shaped toilets work well in small spaces but there are a few other options: wall hung toilets do not have a visible tank but a hidden tank inside the wall gives the bathroom more space and leg room, or another option is the corner toilets which provides additional space by sitting tightly in any corner.