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  • Strom Plumbing 36 Inch Brace with Clamp and Escutcheon

    36 Inch Brace with Clamp and Escutcheon

    Item #: P0008-36S-S
    Free Shipping
  • Strom Plumbing Vaulted Ceiling Angle Bracket

    Vaulted Ceiling Angle Bracket

    Item #: P0876-S
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • 4 Inch Shower Riser Brace

    4 Inch Shower Riser Brace

    Item #: P0026C-S
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • 12 Inch Shower Riser Brace

    12 Inch Shower Riser Brace

    Item #: P0026-12C-S
    Free Shipping
  • STROM PLUMBING 90 degree Elbow Adaptor - Shower Enclosures

    90 Degree Elbow Adaptor - Shower Enclosures

    Item #: P0087C-S
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • Strom Plumbing 36 Inch Extra Brace

    36 Inch Extra Brace

    Item #: P0095-36S-S
    Free Shipping

Claw Tub Shower

When clawfoot tub owners need to add practical and accessible access that only a shower can provide, Vintage Tub & Bath offers the best selection of clawfoot tub shower enclosures online. Everything from deck mounted, tub wall mounted, bathroom wall mounted, and freestanding to accommodate all clawfoot tubs for a vintage shower look and experience. We also carry a huge selection of bathroom accessories to complete your vintage bathroom theme such as extra long shower curtains, hand showers, soap dishes, shaving mirrors, and much more! Call 877-868-1369 to learn more.