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  • Hotelier Towel Ring

    Hotelier Towel Ring

    Item #: 0305-PC
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • Hotelier 24 Inch Towel Bar

    Hotelier 24 Inch Towel Bar

    Item #: 0303-PC
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • Hotelier Open Toilet Tissue Holder

    Hotelier Open Toilet Tissue Holder

    Item #: 0306-PC
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • Hotelier Single Robe Hook

    Hotelier Single Robe Hook

    Item #: 0310-PC
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • Sine Single Robe Hook

    Sine Single Robe Hook

    Item #: 0210H-PC-S
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • Sine Double Robe Hook

    Sine Double Robe Hook

    Item #: 0210-PC-S
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • Chelsea Single Robe Hook

    Chelsea Single Robe Hook

    Item #: 1110-PC
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • Surface Single Robe Hook

    Surface Single Robe Hook

    Item #: 2810-PC
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • Frame Open Toilet Tissue Holder

    Frame Open Toilet Tissue Holder

    Item #: 3006-PC-S
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • Frame Single Robe Hook

    Frame Single Robe Hook

    Item #: 3010-PC-S
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • Kubic Single Robe Hook

    Kubic Single Robe Hook

    Item #: 4610-PC-S
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • Cinu Single Robe Hook

    Cinu Single Robe Hook

    Item #: 4710-PC-S
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • Slide On Adjustable Shower Door Robe/Towel Hook

    Slide On Adjustable Shower Door Robe/Towel Hook

    Item #: WHSHK01-C
    Free Shipping Eligible

Add the finishing touches to your bathroom with vintage bathroom accessories from Vintage Tub & Bath. From necessities like soap dishes to luxuries that can make time spent in the bathroom more enjoyable, such as bathtub caddies, we have a large selection of accessories to complete your bathroom. Browse through a variety of popular brand names including ALFI Brand, Randolph Morris, Cheviot, Whitehaus, Strom Plumbing and more.

Our bathroom accessories are also available in an assortment of finishes and prices, so there are accessories to fit everyone’s style and budget! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call Vintage Tub & Bath at 877-868-1369 or email us at We can special order any bathroom accessory not found on our website.