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St. Thomas Creations

For two decades, St. Thomas Creations has been operating as one of the most successful companies in high-quality bathroom products. Located in San Diego, California, St. Thomas Creations produces elegant yet innovative water closets, lavatories, faucets, and bathroom accessories.

St. Thomas Creations has produced eighteen bathroom suite collections such as the Barrymore Collection, the Richmond Collection, the Liberty Collection, and the Old Antea Collection. The Barrymore Collection is designed as your traditional and classic bathroom. The Richmond Collection adds timeless elegance to any bathroom in your home. The Liberty Collection will bring back a contemporary Americana look. Contrasting many of the other collections, the Old Antea Collection mirrors a bathroom located in old Spain.

St. Thomas Creations offers an assortment of vessel, pedestal, and console sinks. A stylish vessel sink will add a touch of class to any bathroom. St. Thomas Creations classic pedestal sinks will add sophistication, while the console sinks are elegant and stylish. Complete each of your lavatories with a coordinating St. Thomas Creations faucet finished in satin nickel, polished brass, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze.

St. Thomas Creations produces the industry’s largest selection of elegant bathroom fixtures. From contemporary to traditional, St. Thomas Creations is sure to have the style you are looking for for your new bathroom.

Our Most Popular St. Thomas Creations Products

1. St. Thomas Creations Richmond Pedestal Lavatory Sink - 8 Inch Faucet Drillings2. St. Thomas Creations Arlington Petite Pedestal Lavatory Sink - 4 Inch Faucet Drillings3. St. Thomas Creations Mayfair II Round Toilet4. St. Thomas Creations Neo-Venetian II Round Toilet
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5. St. Thomas Creations Neo-Venetian Grande Pedestal Lavatory Sink - 8 Inch Faucet Drillings6. St. Thomas Creations Celebration Petite Pedestal Lavatory Sink - 8 Inch Faucet Drillings7. St. Thomas Creations Arlington Pedestal Lavatory Sink - 8 Inch Faucet Drillings8. St. Thomas Creations Neo-Venetian Petite Pedestal Lavatory Sink - 8 Inch Faucet Drillings
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9. St. Thomas Creations Barrymore Grande Pedestal Lavatory Sink - 8 Inch Faucet Drillings10. St. Thomas Creations Arlington Grande Pedestal Lavatory Sink - 8 Inch Faucet Drillings11. St. Thomas Creations Old Antea Grande Console Sink - 8inch Faucet Drillings
Item# ST5071.080.01Item# ST5120.080.01Item# ST5052-080-01
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