Toilet & Water Closet Buying Guide

Toilet Buying Guide

Toilets come in a variety of different styles and by manufacturers such as Eljer, Cheviot, Elizabethan Classics, American Standard, Sunrise, St. Thomas Creations, Kohler, and Herbeau Creations. Popular toilet styles include: corner toilets, round front toilets, elongated toilets, high tank-pull chain toilets, wall mount toilets, and one piece toilets. After you decide which toilet is right for you, browse our wide selection of toilet supply lines, flush levers, toilet paper holders, and toilet seats.

Below is a list of the different types of toilets and the basic characteristics of each type:

Corner Toilets

Corner Toilet Corner toilets are popular because of their space saving corner design with a shelf top-tank. They are ideal for small bathrooms with limited space. Shop our corner toilets.

Round Front Toilets

Round Toilet When choosing a toilet, you must first decide if you would like a round front toilet or an elongated toilet. Round front toilets are just as their name would indicate, having a round front. Round front toilets are described as the "standard toilet" and are the most common type of toilet. Shop our two piece round toilets.

Elongated Toilets

Elongated Toilet Many people prefer elongated toilets over round front toilets, and with good reasoning. Elongated toilets provide more comfortable seating, they have a larger water surface for a more sanitary bowl, and they provide a more luxurious look. Shop our two piece elongated toilets.

High Tank-Pull Chain Toilets

High Tank Toilet High tank-pull chain toilets are sure to give your bathroom an antique look. High tank-pull chain toilets include the Elizabethan Classics English Turn Front Pull-Chain Toilet, the Sunrise Victorian Pull Chain Water Closet, and the Cheviot High Tank Water Closet. Free Standing Toilet Paper Holders are very popular with the high tank-pull chain toilets.

Wall Mount Toilets

Wall Mount Toilet Wall mount toilets hang off the ground and the tank is placed inside your wall. The Cheviot Wall Hung Toilet is an elongated toilet and is available with either a white plastic or chrome plated control panel. We at Vintage Tub & Bath like this toilet so much that we decided to use it in our bathroom remodeling contest.

One-Piece Toilets

One Piece Toilet One-piece toilets have the bowl and the tank connected into one piece. This is a popular type for people with disabilities. Shop our one piece round toilets and one piece elongated toilets.