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Farmhouse sinks are among the most popular kitchen sink styles available today. Whether you’re looking for a fireclay sink or one made from cast iron, you’ll find the largest selection of country sinks at Vintage Tub & Bath. Choose from several apron designs, basin splits, materials, brands, finishes, and more. Your options are endless when you choose one of our farm sinks!

Serving as the focal point of the kitchen, these sinks jut forward an inch or two from the countertop. Known for their deep basins, farm sinks make scrubbing large pots and pans easy, preventing the water from splashing back up onto you or the countertop. In addition, the wide basin provides more room for dirty dishes.

Transform your kitchen into a gathering spot at the heart of your home by adding a country sink from Vintage Tub & Bath. Call us today at 877-868-1369 or email us at