Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Whether you’re a five-star chef or prefer a more simple form of cooking, the kitchen sink faucet is something you’ll use every day, which is why it’s important to choose a faucet that will meet your specific needs. From mounting and installation to the type of handle you prefer, there are many things to consider when shopping for a kitchen faucet.

Bridge faucets can be mounted on the kitchen countertop or to the wall. They pair well with top mount, undermount, and farmhouse kitchen sinks, and are ideal for period kitchen designs. They feature two handles, which makes mixing the flow and temperature of the water much easier than with a single-handle faucet. Choose from two to four faucet holes, and cross or lever handles.

Single hole faucets require only one hole be drilled into the sink. These kitchen faucets usually feature only one handle, making them easy to operate one-handed. Many single hole faucets come with a mounting plate, used to cover up three pre-drilled faucet holes.

Hung on the wall above the sink, wall mount faucets pair well with undermount and farmhouse sinks. These faucets allow you to easily clean the countertop and fill up large pots and pans in the sink. They’re available in a variety of finishes, 8-inch or single hole faucet centers, and come with the option of cross, knob, or lever handles.

Widespread faucets typically fit sinks with one to four faucet holes. The faucet handles are spread apart from the spout, and the spout and handles rest directly on the sink or countertop. Our selection of widespread faucets offers an assortment of options including handle type, finish, number of faucet holes, and faucet centers.

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Other Faucet Options:

It may seem like a frivolous purchase, but a pot filler can be a lifesaver, especially when it comes to filling up large pots of water. These faucets are mounted on the wall behind the stove or on the countertop next to the stove. They’re designed to eliminate the need to carry heavy pots of water to and from the sink to the stove.

Some kitchens include secondary sinks, or bar sinks, which free up space at the main sink. These are often installed in kitchen islands and include smaller faucets called bar sink faucets.  At Vintage Tub & Bath we have a variety of bar faucets to choose from, many of which have matching kitchen sink faucets.

Cold and hot water dispensers can be installed by a bar or prep sink or the main kitchen sink. A cold water dispenser will come in handy when it comes to cleaning vegetables or prepping food, while a hot water dispenser is perfect for an instant cup of tea, or reducing or eliminating boiling time for certain foods.

Many kitchen faucets come equipped with pull-out sprays, allowing for easier mobility. These pull-out faucets are great if you have limited space around the sink. Much like a pot filler, they allow you to easily fill up large pots without having to place them in the sink. They can also come in handy when it comes to washing dishes. At Vintage Tub & Bath we have bridge, single hole, widespread, and bar faucets that include pull-out sprays.

Side sprays are separate from the main faucet but similar to pull-out sprays, a side spray faucet provides more mobility when washing and rinsing. We have a large collection of side spray faucets, including bridge, single hole, widespread, and bar faucet models.

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Kitchen Faucet Buying Tips:

  • Purchase a faucet that fits with the number of holes in your sink.
  • Before purchasing a faucet, measure the space between the counter and any cabinets above the sink, ensuring the faucet fits comfortably between the cabinets and countertop.
  • Faucet heads come in a variety of styles. Make sure the faucet you choose has a head that reaches out to the middle of the sink.

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