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  • Cheviot Mini Fiore Pedestal Sink Lavatory

    Mini Fiore Pedestal Sink Lavatory

    Item #: C613-S
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  • Cheviot Fiore Pedestal Sink Lavatory

    Fiore Pedestal Sink Lavatory

    Item #: C617
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Maximize space in your bathroom by installing a pedestal sink. These vintage style sinks are the perfect solution for any bathroom with limited space, such as half baths and powder rooms. Unlike a bulky vanity sink, pedestal sinks provide an open, airy look.  They’re also easy to clean and maintain. Just periodically wash your sink using soap and water, or a non-abrasive cleaner.

At Vintage Tub & Bath we have a large selection of pedestal sinks from top brands like Randolph Morris, Whitehaus, American Standard, Cheviot, and more! Available in an assortment of finishes, materials, sizes, and shapes, you’ll find the perfect pedestal sink for your bathroom at Vintage Tub & Bath.

Make your sink the focal point of your bathroom with a traditional pedestal sink. For questions, or help purchasing the best bathroom pedestal sink for your needs, call Vintage Tub & Bath today at 877-868-1369 or email us at