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  • Brynn 36 Inch Rectangular Mirror

    Brynn 36 Inch Rectangular Mirror

    Item #: MT884
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  • Ren Wil Onice 36 Inch Rectangular Mirror

    Onice 36 Inch Rectangular Mirror

    Item #: MT785
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  • London Bathroom Vanity Mirror

    London Bathroom Vanity Mirror

    Item #: LONDON-M-4836-S
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Mirrors are an important fixture in the bathroom. Not only do they play a practical role, but they also add to the style of your space and can make the room seem larger and brighter. The first thing you want to consider, when buying a mirror for the bathroom, is the purpose. Once you know what the main use is, you can then recognize the different styles, sizes, and shapes and what will look best in your space. Bathroom Mirrors come in a variety of types, such as: lighted, frameless, framed, pivot, vanity mirrors, and medicine cabinets. Browse our selection of Vintage and Modern bathroom mirrors today, and add some finishing touches to your bathroom remodel!