Towel Holders

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  • Hotelier Towel Ring

    Hotelier Towel Ring

    Item #: 0305-PC
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • Frame Pivoting Towel Hook

    Frame Pivoting Towel Hook

    Item #: 3005-PC
    Free Shipping
  • Hotelier 24 Inch Towel Bar

    Hotelier 24 Inch Towel Bar

    Item #: 0303-PC
    Free Shipping Eligible
  • Integrated 16 Inch Towel Bar Grab Bar

    Integrated 16 Inch Towel Bar Grab Bar

    Item #: INV-TB16-CP-S
    Free Shipping
  • Integrated 24 Inch Towel Bar Grab Bar

    Integrated 24 Inch Towel Bar Grab Bar

    Item #: INV-TB24-CP-S
    Free Shipping
  • Chelsea Towel Bar

    Chelsea Towel Bar

    Item #: 1102-PC-S
    Free Shipping
  • Chelsea Towel Ring

    Chelsea Towel Ring

    Item #: 1105-PC-S
    Free Shipping
  • Surface Towel Bar

    Surface Towel Bar

    Item #: 2802-PC-S
    Free Shipping
  • Surface Towel Ring

    Surface Towel Ring

    Item #: 2805-PC
    Free Shipping
  • Frame Towel Bar

    Frame Towel Bar

    Item #: 3001-PC-S
    Free Shipping
  • Kubic Towel Bar

    Kubic Towel Bar

    Item #: 4602-PC-S
    Free Shipping
  • Kubic Towel Ring

    Kubic Towel Ring

    Item #: 4605-PC-S
    Free Shipping
  • Cinu Towel Bar

    Cinu Towel Bar

    Item #: 4702-PC-S
    Free Shipping
  • Cinu Towel Ring

    Cinu Towel Ring

    Item #: 4705-8-PC-S
    Free Shipping

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or just updating your hardware, Vintage Tub & Bath is your number one source for vintage bathroom towel holders. From towel rings, bars and hooks to towel stands, we have an endless number of towel holder types, brands, and finish combinations from which to choose. 

Towel rings are perfect for hanging a hand towel near the sink, while towel bars and hooks are ideal for large bath towels. If you have extra floor space, a vintage towel stand may be the perfect option for your bathroom. In addition to holding towels, these freestanding towel holders serve as a decorative accent in your bathroom.

No matter which style towel holder you’re searching for, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect towel holder for your bathroom at Vintage Tub & Bath. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, call Vintage Tub & Bath at 877-868-1369 or email us at We can special order any bathroom accessory not found on our website.