Sink Buying Guide

Bathroom Sink Buying Guide

There are many kinds of sinks for your bathroom and kitchen. Popular bathroom sink styles include: pedestal sinks, console sinks, wall mount sinks, basin sinks and vessel sinks. Utility sinks offer large working basins for heavy jobs done in laundry rooms, utility rooms, and garages.

Below is a list of different types of sinks and basic characteristics of each type:

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal Sink Pedestal sinks include a vitreous china basin that attaches to your wall and rests on a matching pedestal. The pedestal portion of a pedestal sink is designed to hide the plumbing of the drain and p-trap making pedestal sinks both functional and efficient. Pedestal sinks are great for tight spaces. Their inherent design and variety of sizes make pedestal sinks the perfect choice for increasing the amount of open space in almost any bathroom.

For smaller bathrooms, corner pedestal sinks serve two functions. First, the corner design is a tremendous bathroom space saver, allowing you to tuck your sink into shallow corners. Secondly, the corner pedestal sink design adds a definitive level of class and style to a smaller bathroom. Many smaller bathrooms look and feel like afterthoughts, but a corner pedestal sink can add a measure of charm and sophistication to even the smallest of powder rooms.

Pedestal sinks are available with 4” on-center, or for widespread faucets, 8” and 12” on-center faucet drillings. A simple style rule of thumb is you can pair either the decorative backsplash of the pedestal sink, or the architectural design of the pedestal base with a matching toilet. The vitreous china used in the manufacture is a nonporous, hard clay material that is fired to create a beautiful smooth, glassy surface showcasing the classic style of pedestal sinks. Easy to clean and enchanting to the eye, pedestal sinks have enriched bathrooms worldwide for well over a century.

Console Sinks

Console Sink Console sinks are larger wall-mounted bathroom sinks with 2 or 4 decorative legs. Options of a single, 4”, widespread or 3-hole faucet drillings make console sinks one of the more versatile bathroom sinks. This style offers a larger vanity surface area and classical stylings. Some console sinks include integrated towel bars, making console sinks an elegant combination of form and function. Like pedestal sinks, you can pair the architectural design of the vanity to a matching toilet to complete your bathroom. Console sinks were typically a sign of wealth in the early 20th century, but today consoles sinks are an affordable way to enhance the look of any bathroom.

Wall Mount Sinks

Wall Mount Sink

Wall mount sinks are great for smaller bathrooms or bathrooms which have design issues requiring a smaller sink footprint. Wall mount sinks come in a wide assortment of styles with widths from 11” - 42”, and with bowls from 4” - 22” deep. This wide range of wall mount sink styling gives you several options to complete your vintage or modern style bathroom. Wall mount sinks generally come with 4” on-center or widespread faucet hole drillings for a full assortment of faucet options.

Like corner pedestal sinks, a corner wall mount sink is a terrific option for small bathrooms or bathrooms with challenging floor plans. By utilizing corner space in combination with wall mounting the sink, you maximize the open space in a bathroom. This allows room for more bath accessories such as heated towel warmers, bath shelves, and towel racks.

Basin Sinks

Basin Sink Basin sinks can come in several unique styles. The first condition to base basin sink selection upon should be how it is going to be mounted. Basin sinks can be drop in sinks, undermount sinks, or semi recessed into the countertop sinks. Basin sinks can utilize single post, 4", or 8" sink faucets allowing you to customize them with the faucet of your choice. Basin sinks are the perfect choice for bathrooms utilizing an existing countertop or one in which a sink counter is desired.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks are the sink of choice for showcase bathrooms. No other sink can match the artistic beauty and classic form of the vessel sink. A vessel sink is typified by a simple or ornate bowl that sits upon a countertop. Most times a vessel sink will be fed by a wall mounted faucet typical of ancient Roman baths. However, vessel sinks can also be filled by single post faucets mounted on a small pedestal with plumbing running under the countertop in lieu of the wall.

Perhaps only pedestal sinks can match vessel sinks for the variety of available forms and stylings. Vessel sinks can run the gamut from simple white or hammered metal bowls, through a vast array of colorful, hand painted and/or hand formed vessel masterpieces. Combining simplicity with artistic craftmanship, vessel sinks can enhance the image of any bathroom.

Utility Sinks

Utility Sink Utility sinks are marked by their large basins and accessibility. Utility sinks need to be able to handle large jobs and not get in the way. Hence, utility sinks can often resemble console sinks. Utilizing legs, the utility sink differentiates itself from the console sink by usually having a deep rectangular basin as opposed to the more circular and shallower basins found in console sinks used in bathrooms. Utility sinks can also be found wall mounted, undermounted, and even recessed into a sink stand. Utility sinks are available in cast iron, the same durable material used in vintage clawfoot tubs. A utility sink is essentially a bathtub for all things non-human, and makes an exceptional bathing area for small pets.