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Whitehaus Quatro Alcove Farmhaus Reversible Fireclay Kitchen Sink with Drain Board

Item#: WHQD540SP40-WHITE-S
Whitehaus Quatro Alcove Farmhaus Reversible Fireclay Kitchen Sink with Drain Board
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Shown in White
$668.99 to $770.99
Whitehaus Quatro Alcove Farmhaus Reversible Fireclay Kitchen Sink with Drain Board 4.9 5 20 20
sink with drainboard    I love this sink! It looks fabulous in my new kitchen and it is exactly as expected. The bowl is huge, I was nervous about switching but I will never go back to a double bowl if I can help it! It is so easy to wash anything in this sink. The drain board is not huge but works really well for miscellaneous items, and I use a folding teak dish holder when needed, and then put it away--the result is a much cleaner, neater looking kitchen, and I hand wash a lot of my dishes.   The design is beautiful, we love the drainboard and it really is one of my favorite parts of our new kithcen. So far no chips, and I've dropped a few things in the sink, so seems quite durable. Even the eventual chip won't change my thoughts on this sink--it's wonderful!    Service was great--quick, free shipping and the sink came extremely well packed.    Really really happy with this purchase.     July 27, 2014
Great sink Add me to all the people who already love this sink. It's big enough to easily wash large pots, big pans, crock-pot inserts, etc., and there is also room to let a pot soak on one side while using the other side. And I love the integrated drainboard! I like to put damp or drippy stuff down on the drainboard side - you can toss a wet sponge or cloth there if you get distracted mid-cleaning, or put wet flowers down while you hunt for a vase, etc. I also stick the collander there to drain after I rinse fruits and veggies, which gets the collander out of the sink but keeps the wet drippies off the counter. The fact that the drainboard area isn't that big doesn't bother me - it's large enough for what I use it for. I really have no idea why integrated drainboards ever went out of style! As for the appearence of the sink, it's very attractive and fits nicely with the aesthetic of my old-house kitchen. February 8, 2014
Farmhouse Sink I bought this sink about two years ago. I look at it & use it every day and I still LOVE IT. It's beautiful and the big, deep bowl makes it easy to wash large things. I even bath my 10 pound dog in the kitchen sink now. It is very functional - why don't all kitchen sinks have drain boards??? August 11, 2013
Beautiful sink! The sink is very attractive and becomes a focal point of the kitchen.  The drainboard is on the small side , but serves its purpose.  Recommend the protective rack for the bottom, but it still looks good.  Price and delivery from Vintage Tub & Bath was excellent . May 23, 2013
Kitchen sink I absolutely love my old school kitchen's beautiful, made in Italy, wow! I could bath a baby in it. It's just what I was looking for and I couldn't have been more pleased.. I have a vintage old school bridge faucet to go with it. It more than exceeded my expectation. March 8, 2013
Dream Sink The sink is great.  It looks great and works great.  My kitchen looks amazing.  I have had it in my kitchen for about 3 months and there has been no issues.  The drying area is very functional and works well for the few things we do not put in our dishwasher. Quality of the sink is great and the company is great.   May 29, 2012
Beautiful sink The sink has surpassed our expectations. It is large, deep, and easy to clean. The drainboard is what got my attention at first, and I find it handy for setting things down there before they get washed. For me, one large sink is the way to go. I have never liked the typical double sink arrangement that you see in so many houses. This is the second replacement sink in our house (we've remodeled the kitchen twice), and by far the best. We have the white one. I use a clear mat in the bottom to help keep pans from scratching the surface. The fireclay that the sink is made out of is a very high quality product. The service from Vintage Tub was excellent and I would highly recommend your company to any of my friends,looking for special sinks or tubs. May 25, 2012
Great Sink I love this sink and everyone who sees it says "WOW".    I wish I had it when my children were babies...large enough to bathe your babe! Its a great size, large enough to fill and wash  pasta pots, wash cookie sheets and frying pans comfortably without getting water all over the kitchen.  The integral drain board is very convenient for a few small items and it looks great!  The sink is easy to keep clean with baking soda on a sponge.  No need for any harsh cleansers. This sink was the first product I purchased in my kitchen remodel.  It is located within the bay of a bay window and my new kitchen was built around it. LOVE IT!  May 25, 2012