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Randolph Morris Tub Package 60-inch Roll Rim Clawfoot Bathtub with British Telephone Faucet with Fixtures

Randolph Morris Tub Package 60-inch Roll Rim Clawfoot Bathtub with British Telephone Faucet with Fixtures
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Shown in White Feet with Chrome Fixtures
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Randolph Morris Tub Package 60-inch Roll Rim Clawfoot Bathtub with British Telephone Faucet with Fixtures 4.9 5 9 9
love the tub! tub is fabulous-- and customer service was top notch, especially as the first set of 'feet' was not the right height but was quickly resolved  May 28, 2012
Hot tub, mmmmm... My contractor strongly recommended that I push the bathroom wall out a little further and get the 60'" tub. I did, and I'm so happy. If you have the option to go one up, take it. You won't regret it! I must have had at least two hundred baths and each time it's been mmmmm.... October 24, 2009
LOVE MY CLAWLEG TUB Tub was very heavy so hard to get in the bathroom and leveled. Other than that it looks beautiful! I feel like I'm in a luxurious bed and breakfast place when I use it. Very comfortable. Fixtures are top of the line. Price was great. Just be sure to check for problems at the time you receive your product. October 19, 2009
New Clawfoot Tub I have been in love with clawfoot tubs since junior high when visiting the home of a friend who had one, so when I had the chance to remodel my bathrooms, I HAD to have one. The one we purchased from Vintage is beautiful and fits perfectly in the spot vacated by our old shower/tub unit. The drain and water lines proved to take a little longer than anticipated, but after an initial problem with leakage around the handles, there have been no more issues. The only negative about the tub is that it is not quite long enough for some really good soaking, and if we have the opportunity to have another clawfoot in the future, we will attempt to get one that is longer. Overall, I would definitely recommend Vintage Tubs for quality and for price. October 16, 2009
perfect match The 1840's home I recently purchased has two full bathrooms. One had an original beautiful claw foot tub. The 2nd, an ugly fiberglass shower. We removed the shower and now we have matching tubs! Great price, prompt delivery. Only problem was getting it up our front steps. November 23, 2008
Clawfoot Tub The tub is terrific, looks great! Only issue is with the handheld shower to the British Telephone Faucet - NJ plumbing code requires all showers have "anti scald protection" including handheld devices like the British Telephone faucet. I found this out after the fact when the plumbing inspector failed my inspection. The issue was corrected by my licensed plumber installing an "anti scalding" value as an extra for $600 in order to pass inspection. It would be nice if Vintage Tub included some information regarding anti scald requirements in certain states and that the product does not have it built into it so you know what you are getting into when you install. August 18, 2008
Perfect for my applications I am an Architect and designed and built my own home 5 years ago. The claw foot tub was part of the original design but wasn't installed until last year. I absolutely unequivabaly love my tub. My adult children enjoy it also when they come to visit. The plumber thought it was an excellent buy (package included everything) and plans to purchase for his new home. Fortunately it is in our third bathroom or the quess bath room. The only draw back, it takes a little more effort to get into than the regular or spa tubs in the house. But it is still a great hit for our home. Picture attached. August 14, 2008
My new amazing tub and faucets I was pretty nervous about buying a tub sight unseen and hoping it was comfortable to lay in and included quality faucets. The return policy made me feel more at ease but no way to know until it got here. I have had many wonderful soaking hours in my beautiful, comfortable new clawfoot tub and Vintage Tub & Bath was nice enough to change the feet to chrome to match the faucets at no extra charge. The tub arrived perfectly, my installers said it was no problem to install and it was a dream come true to finally finish our downstairs bathroom. They were even nice enough to follow up by email about a week after to see if everything was satisfactory. Great service, great product! Thanks June 25, 2008