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Randolph Morris 60 Inch Clawfoot Tub Package with British Telephone Faucet with Fixtures

Randolph Morris 60 Inch Clawfoot Tub Package with British Telephone Faucet with Fixtures
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Shown in Chrome Feet with Chrome Fixtures
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Fantastic Tub and Great Value During the escrow period on the purchase of what would be our new home, the clawfoot tub was stolen from the attic. We got a credit from the seller and debated solutions which included converting the alcove where the tub sat into a shower, completely renovating the bathroom, and finding a decent replacement tub. The latter was the most economical, especially once we found this one at Vintage Tub.  It's beautiful and the accompanying plumbing parts are amazingly well made. We had some difficulty using all the parts, because we were marrying exiting waste and supply stubs to what we purchased from Vintage Tubs. The escutcheons, for example, wouldn't fit, as our supply stubs were set too low in the floor. We also had to Dremel the threads on one side of the waste line tee, given no suitable replacement was available from Vintage Tub or my local plumbing supplier. (Incidentally, the local supplier couldn't believe the quality of the tee I showed him and wanted to know where I got it. Ultimately, he sold me a really ugly assembly for $100 at my contractor's discount that I thought we might use until we ground out the threads.) With all of that aside, this thing is very impressive and, had we roughed everything in to suite the tub, none of these would have been issues. So, if you have an experienced plumber willing to work with what you have or are building a new bathroom, you won't go wrong with this package. We love the look and think the quality is terrific. October 20, 2014
cawfoot tub The tub is beautiful. I love it. The price was affordable. Customer service was always nice and very helpful. No problems with the delivery. Tub arrived without a single scratch. March 24, 2014
Vintage tub Love the tub. It was a super buy. Very pleased with every aspect. I already owned an actual vintage tub.  I was so pleased with the detail. We installed it ourselves. The service department helped several times. No question to small.. Thanks so much. March 8, 2014
Clawfoot tub This is actually my second tub from Vintage.  Need I say more.  I put one of these in my last house and it was my wife's favorite improvement.  When we just moved she said you know you're going to have to put in another tub.  I did and she could not be happier.  Price is right and quality is great.  Packaged well and delivered right to our house.  The faucet is top notch also.   October 10, 2013
Clawfoot Tub Package We are thrilled with the new tub.  It is a bit shorter on the bottom than the original that it replaced, due to a sharper incline on the back; but, it still makes for a comfortable soak (I am 5'6").  The quality was even better than we expected, and the delivery was a breeze.  I would use this company again. April 9, 2013
TUB Package Absolutely perfect tub. I was shocked at the authenticity of the faucet and accessories. Cusotmer service was great answering questions and delivery was flawless. I highly reccomend this producct and company. March 1, 2013
Excellent!!! I received the tub for my newly remodeled bathroom All I can say is that this tub exceeded expectations! Great quality----awesome tub. Especially for under $1000.00. Very happy. May 30, 2012
I heart my clawfoot tub I bought my Randolph Morris Clawfoot Tub SAVINGSPACKAGE01C Chrome Feet Fixtures over a year ago and I am very happy with it! It was more beautiful than I had expected. No regrets! It has brought life to my new bathroom and I love using it. Opted for the cast iron tub and so glad I did. Still shines and so easy to clean. It was very hard to get through the house because it's so very heavy but once we got it in there it looked so beautiful! May 18, 2012