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Cast Iron Tub and Shower Package - 54-inch Classic Bathtub - Randolph Morris

Cast Iron Tub and Shower Package - 54-inch Classic Bathtub - Randolph Morris
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Shown in White Feet with Chrome Fixtures
Cast Iron Tub and Shower Package - 54-inch Classic Bathtub - Randolph Morris 3.4 5 7 7
Great package. Great price. Assembly offers some challenges, but I was very impressed by the heft and workmanship of the products. My only significant complaint, though, is that the shower surround supports are not nearly long enough if you have 9 foot ceilings, which many old homes of course have. With only a wall support connected to the riser tube (because the surround sits too far above to connect) the shower is pretty loose. I will probably need to find some custom chrome tubing, but then I should be able to connect everything the way it should be. December 27, 2013
Profoundly disappointing The tub is beautiful; however, my contractor and the plumber attempted to install the shower attachments last week, and it has yet to be completed! It should have been a one day installation and completed 13 days ago. Because of the shoddy design, we are STILL waiting. It took about a week for the addditional piece to arrive, but even that is not sufficient to complete the installation. Additionally, the piping is so flimsy, I wonder if it will present a problem in the next months to years, if we are even able to use it at all. Now, looking at others' reviews, I am amazed and hugely disappointed that VT&B doesn't demand a superior product from its vendors. How can you sell such a woefully defective product? Seriously? January 18, 2013
Tub The quality of the tub and fixtures is really great. We are very happy with the way that it looks. HOWEVER, the instructions are super vague and it's very difficult to put together. On top of that, the vertical shower head piece needs an extra part (an "angled shank") that is NOT included in the package - in order to make this vertical piece actually vertical. The tub basically comes as a "shower package" but does not contain all of the parts. Our project is now going to be delayed an entire month until we receive this part. October 31, 2012
Beware plumbing problems Good news-the tub looks great and is very comfortable for bathing.  Disappointments: faucets/drain placement do not meet Oregon code.  The shower conversion kit is flimsy and awkward to install --the ceiling mount screws are not sturdy and it requires a wall and ceiling mount combination.  We had to redo faucet/drain placement--install alternate faucets to meet code and order an additional, different ceiling mounted shower ring to complete shower conversion.   September 1, 2012
Very happy We received the tub package pretty much on time as we were told, everything was in good shape. Everything works fine and the tub looks great in our new bathroom. There was only one thing I had to modify which I suggest (Vintage Tub & Bath) have a look at, is the rubber seal that goes in the pipe joint that feeds the shower head. The diameter of that seal is too small. I opened it up a bit and it made the world of difference with the water pressure that came out of the shower. Other than that we are extremely happy with our new bathroom and tub& shower. Cheers, Ian June 4, 2012
Cute little tub This tiny tub is beautiful to look at, authentic cast iron & a great price for such top notch hardware, faucets & shower kit but the drain is positioned way too low! It is so frustrating to sit in a tub and be barely covered with water while there is at least 6 inches of wasted potential volume. This is a cute little tub but since it is already so short the lack of depth is a real bummer.  January 15, 2012
real nice for the money Looks great, and was easy to install. Half the price of others we looked at. Instructions were useless, but it wasn't that hard to figure out. November 9, 2010