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Sunrise Specialty Ceiling Support for L-Ring Shower Curtain Rod

Item#: S404-1C-S
Sunrise Specialty Ceiling Support for L-Ring Shower Curtain Rod
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threads Thread broke, threading it in by hand, Called sun rise waited a long time on hold and then was treated curtly. I will avoid sun rise products in the future. January 22, 2014
Product that really works well I originally purchased the Brass Shower Curtain rod and not the support rod at first as per my husband, didn't think we needed the support rod. Since the curtain I bought was on the heavy side, it was pulling down the curtain rod slightly so we thought maybe we should get the support rod. Well we did and it was worth every penny we paid. It gives the support we needed and it really looks nice. It looks better than the picture. Both the curtain rod and support came in a good amount of time and were described well on the web site. I would purchase from this company again. February 12, 2013
Ceiling support Doing a bathroom remodel in an 1880s Victorian brings all sorts of challenges, including securing the shower curtain rod for the clawfoot bath tub. We needed this extra support in order to make our project successful. May 29, 2012
So far so good The previous owners of the house we bought had a L-Ring Shower Curtain Rod. They had a piece of string tied from the rod to a hook in the ceiling. We replaced the string with this stylish down-rod and it looks like a whole new bathroom! The rod screws to the ceiling flange and the clamp screws together on the curtain rod, but there is just a single screw that tightens from the clamp to the rod. It is holding up just fine, I am not sure I would put a bunch of weight on the shower curtain rod, but so far so good. May 27, 2012
Shower Rod Solid well manufactured and looks great. I highly recommend this item. May 25, 2012
Ceiling support for l ring shower curtain I purchased this on the advice of my contractor who thought it was more attractive than a "jerry-rigged" support. While it is neat looking, the entire support really depends upon just one small set screw, which can't be too tight or too loose. The connection to the ceiling is nice and secure, but that little set-screw is all that holds the curtain rod and curtain, so I am afraid of hanging anything like a towel or light drying from the curtain rod for fear that the whole thing will give way and come tumbling down, possibly breaking the rod, which was difficult to find and even more difficult to install. So I wish I had used a more "homemade" support that was more reliable, and I probably will at some point put in an extra support chain for this very reason. May 23, 2012
Support Shower curtain would be hanging on the floor if it wasn't for finding the ceiling mount shower rod support system. Worked great for the intended application. May 22, 2012
Strong Support This is a perfect addition to my L-Shaped shower curtain rod. It is a solid piece of metal and quite strong. May 15, 2012