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Restoria Ambassador 60 Inch Slipper Acrylic Clawfoot Tub - 7 Inch Rim Drillings

Item#: RS501-O-RM-S
Restoria Ambassador 60 Inch Slipper Acrylic Clawfoot Tub - 7 Inch Rim Drillings
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Shown in White with Oil Rubbed Bronze Ball and Claw Feet
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Restoria Ambassador 60 Inch Slipper Acrylic Clawfoot Tub - 7 Inch Rim Drillings 4.8 5 6 6
This tub is perfect. You never know what you are going to get until it arrives, and with this tub all I can say is perfect. The sizes were right on the money, which made it great for a remodel. I was able to turn it sideways and fit it through some tight doors. I love the texture outside surface and the smooth inside real gives it that cast iron look. You can tell the tub was quailty built and handled with care from the time you open the box. The tub does not look light weight but it is, I was able to pick it up from the freight company in the back of my pick and off load it using a dolly.The claw feet are very detailed and soild and easy to remove and reinstall if needed. One of the features that I was told to look for when purchasing a quality Claw Foot Tub was insulation, will the tub keep your water hot, and this one comes thur on that also. This is best sight on seen purchase I have every made. June 23, 2012
Classy comfort and great look The Restoria Ambassador tub I got was delivered from the deck of a truck, and placed inside my privacy fence by the driver. I thought it was really heavy. I opened the packaging enough to see it was in good shape, but left it there for several weeks, thinking I could not move it. I called friends, who came over and unboxed it, thinking it heavy also--it really LOOKED like a cast iron enamel coated tub--and when they grabbed hold, it seemed to LEVITATE up into the air. Well! So it was that one friend could carry it into the house. After that, it sat covered by a canvas dropcloth to protect the finish until my remodel was ready for installation. All the dust and construction, never a problem, and after the contractor left, my husband laid the bathroom tile around all the roughed-in plumbing holes, and he was the one who placed my lovely slipper tub in position and attached all the great plumbing fixtures to it. That was over a year ago, and I've used this tub regularly and quite happily ever since. I peeled out the plastic scratch protector first thing of course, and liked the smooth level finish. Apparently it has a coating on the finish which keeps a ring from ever appearing, because as many baths as I've taken, bubbles up to the rim or otherwise, there never has been a time when I had to clean the tub. If you want low maintenance and a neat look, this tub is what you are looking for. I keep a couple of flower pots in the bathroom, and sometimes soil from the African violet or the orchid fall into the tub as I water them, but the hand held shower wand moves them on down the drain. I took advantage of the Vintage Tub & Bath 10% off deal, by buying the entire set of fixtures at the time I bought the tub. It was a good price to begin with, and to save 10% more, plus free shipping, the offer was one I could not refuse. There has not been a single day that I regret buying a slipper tub instead of something else. Love my new bathroom, love the tub's "jewelry" which meets my needs for durability, quality, and style. I would not second guess myself now, and certainly would not change a single item that I purchased to make bathing in this tub such a great sensual experience. May 14, 2012
Love this tub! This is a beautiful tub and very sturdy considering it isn't cast iron (although it has the vintage cast-iron look). I bought it based on other reviews, and I'm not disappointed. It doesn't flex at all, even when standing in it. One thing to consider, though, is that it's very deep and somewhat narrow, so someone with a physical disability or who is larger than average might have difficulty maneuvering from a prone position to a standing one if they are unable to brace their arms on the high sides. The tub shipped and arrived on schedule from Restoria, although I didn't receive an email when it shipped and had to email Vintage Tub to inquire about that, but they responded by the next day. The only glitch was that the tub arrived without the brushed nickel feet I ordered and instead had white feet made of some type of plastic, which looked like something that would be used for temporary support (perhaps until the finished feet are attached). I noted the error on the shipping document, accepted delivery, and called Vintage Tub right away. I was on hold for a few minutes before someone took a message and said I'd be contacted by the end of the day. I received the call the next morning and was asked to take a picture and email it to them, which I did. After that, there was a little confusion about when the replacement feet would be shipped by Restoria, but I was told it could take up to 10 days to resolve, and I received the correct feet within that time frame, along with a return shipping label for the white feet. In all, I have to say it was worth the wait. February 1, 2012
Bathroom remodel I love my tub! We recently remodeled our tiny cottage bathroom and couldn't be more pleased with the tub. Love the acrylic finish, love that the interior dimensions are roomier than the others we were considering (including greater water depth), and love the look. If we ever move, I would want to take it with me! November 16, 2010
A Well Made Tub I purchased this tub and had it installed about a month ago and it's a very good quality tub. It really does hold the heat of the water better than our old fiber glass tub and the quality is very good. It's pretty thick - about 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick and it doesn't flex or squeak on bit when you get in or out of the tub. The finish was very nicely done. One thing to note is that the glossy finish is only on the inside. The outside is finished in a matte fiber glass finish to resemble a true cast iron tub. It's not smooth but made to look like the pebbling of a cast iron tub. My plumbers thought it was a cast iron tub until they knocked on the inside of the tub a couple of times. The reason we chose this tub was the interior dimensions. For a 60" tub, the interior length and width is one of the better sized tubs. As my wife and I are 5'6" and 5'8" in height, we wanted a tub that would allow us to fully stretch out our legs when we were in the tub. This tub fits a 5'8" person perfectly - you can fully stretch your legs out while leaning back. Overall, we're very happy with the quality, finish, and size of the tub. It looks really nice in our newly remodeled bathroom and adds a nice retro touch. We went with the Elizabethan Classic faucets for the tub and bathroom sinks to keep the vintage look. We took advantage of Vintage Tub's 10% discount offer by purchasing the drain, faucet and tub from them. Shipping took about 10 days for the tub and it arrived really well packed. We had no issues with the tub at all, but had a bad ceramic cartridge with the faucet. Vintage tub took care of it really quickly and had a replacement shipped directly from the manufacturer. Great service overall and it was a good experience for us as we never bought something this large from an online retailer before. Hope you find this review useful. July 30, 2010
Ultra High Quality - Finest Workmanship & Finish I must admit that we were hesitant to purchase a tub sight unseen. However, after much internet research and looking at several other brands of slipper tubs, we decided that the Restoria Ambassador tub would be the right tub for us. It arrived yesterday and just the very appearance of this tub out of the box will drop your jaw. It looks fabulous and the pride in workmanship is painfully obvious. The polished chrome feet, the high gloss interior finish, and the satin exterior all look fantastic. Each ball & claw foot has a threaded adjustable foot on the bottom. No floor is perfectly level, but with these feet installing and leveling the tub is a snap. The exterior finish on the tub I would describe as a satin finish with the texture of an "orange peel". We found that this exterior finish & texture created a perfect contrast with the high gloss of the tub's interior and rolled rim. We looked at several other brands that had a glossy interior and exterior, but those tubs struck us as looking too "plastic - like" or fake. It also weighs 140 pounds, which makes this acrylic tub look and feel like cast iron. In gathering some details and technical information on this tub I also called Restoria directly. I expected to be connected with a customer service department, but much to my surprise, I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner & creator of these tubs, Michael Mask. Every question I asked was fully addressed and he couldn't have been more accommodating. Mr. Mask & his crew quickly produced a beautiful tub and promptly shipped it. For a 5 foot tub, it has a lot of room in it. The slipper end of the tub has a comfortable angle to it, and the drain end is modestly angled from the rim to the drain. We saw some other brands that had much more aggressive angles at both ends which we thought looked neat. However, we found that those angles caused you to lose a lot of room on the floor of the tub and that aggressive angle on your back was not comfortable. This Restoria tub is so much more than we expected and we are totally thrilled with it. I can offer you this advice: If you think this tub is for you, or any other model that Restoria makes, don't hesitate to buy it. I'm confident that you'll have the same experience we did - it will exceed all of your expectations! June 26, 2008