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Randolph Morris End Mount Shower Conversion Kit for use with Handshower Faucets

Randolph Morris End Mount Shower Conversion Kit for use with Handshower Faucets
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$259.99 to $349.99
Randolph Morris End Mount Shower Conversion Kit for use with Handshower Faucets 2.4 5 7 7
Cheap Hardware The screws, anchors and hex head bolts were cheap. I replaced all the hardware for 16.00 at Home Depot. It was suppose to fit my exsisting faucet, at least thats what the sales person ensured me, but i had to buy a reducer which cost me 30 more dollars. For the price it cost this set, everything should be of quality. It's been up for a couple months and still works well. Customer service wasn't helpful at all, two phone conversations and email still didn't hear anything back. May 30, 2012
woe is me I so want to like this product. I have been impressed with this company's customer service, but there's no way around the design flaw in this product. The pipe that holds up the whole "halo" is held in the ceiling anchor by only one little screw pushing against the pipe. A shower curtain going all the way around this halo is just too heavy to be held up by a tiny little screw- one that doesn't even go into the pipe- just pushes against it. I had this installed in Feb and still haven't resolved the problem. I just take baths instead of showers. Vintage sent me a whole new anchor system, but again, it's a design flaw rather than a defect. My only option is taking this entire thing apart and then I'll have to hire a plumber again to reinstall something else.   Additionally, the shower head that comes with this set up is a rain-shower, and the water pressure wasn't enough to send water through the shower head. I had to buy a new shower head. I never had an issue before with water pressure, so I have to think it's the "rain" shower head. It was like standing under a dripping faucet. May 30, 2012
Bathroom Remodel Great for the price. An attractive unit, and Vintage Bath & Tub was very helpful when I needed an extra component part for a non-standard installation. One downside to this unit is that the top ring is in two pieces with a very short overlap at the join in the middle, so it starts to sag to the sides over time; I would recommend putting some kind of rigid piece inside at the time of installation if possible to prevent this. The screws and screw-holes connecting the shower ring to the joiners are a bit loose as well; maybe because of the thickness of the metal tube? Also, the attachment between the shower ring and the shower upright is based on tension from a screw, which may slip if not very tight. Also, one part of the metal on the underside of the shower ring has discolored a bit (I have the polished brass finish). Overall, this is a cost-effective option for shower that must be mostly free-standing and exposed. You aren't going to buy this kit for pure quality; you are going to want to buy the kit because it does the job for a good price. May 25, 2012
Shower Conversion Kit The shower head is great, but the shower ring is not. It's extremely thin/light/flimsy and does not support the size of curtain needed for these tubs. I have had to take mine down, repair the holes, and figure something else out. The tub I purchased though is fantastic! May 23, 2012
Shower Converter The converter has inherant design flaw which causes the shower extender to slowly loosen until it sprays all over when you turn the shower on or during a shower. I have had it a year and it has happened 5 times. Luckily, I simply take it apart and reinstall it and it is okay for awhile. I do, however, enjoy the shower when it is working properly. The shower head is nice and the finish has remained nice. May 22, 2012
Absolutely Beautiful! Bought a house with a claw foot tub. We don't take baths, we prefer showers. Our only choice was to install a shower or keep the tub. We wanted to keep the tub incase of injuries and tired muscles. With this brass shower conversion kit, we were able to keep the tub and have a shower as well. This solved our problem and saved us a lot of money and labor. It is absolutely beautiful. It makes the bathroom look very victorian. May 14, 2012
tub surround I ordered this kit in polished brass. Confirmation email was sent proptly, however shipping email was not sent. 2 phone calls later and I was told items were coming but no idea of time. Product arrived. Somewhat dissapointed in weight and quality, but thought I would reserve judgement until it was installed. Installation began and all appeared to go smoothly but the join on the water line for the shower head will not join together properly. Many options have been tried to stop the join from leaking, but with no success. Pipe is too thin to apply the needed pressure to tighten. I am now left with a shower I can still not use and out $300.00! (plus failed instalation costs) Can not express enough how disappointed I am with this product. January 9, 2012