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Clawfoot Tub Shower Enclosure - Oval Ring, 30 x 60 Frame - Randolph Morris

Item#: RMO30X60-BN-S
Clawfoot Tub Shower Enclosure - Oval Ring, 30 x 60 Frame - Randolph Morris
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Shown in Brushed Nickel
$247.99 to $285.99
Clawfoot Tub Shower Enclosure - Oval Ring, 30 x 60 Frame - Randolph Morris 2.5 5 8 8
shabby This product gets the job done, but I am very dissatisfied with it for the amount I paid for it. The oval ring ships as two parts that are each U-shaped, which you mount on the ceiling so that they line up and form an oval. That's reasonable enough, but in the product I received the U shapes are not completely symmetrical. If I have them the right way up they line up ok, but if I flip one of them up-side down the ends don't line up. Very annoying given there are no distinguishing marks to tell me which way up each piece is. To install this I had to line up the support tubes and ceiling mounts with the studs in my ceiling, but the little pieces that the attach the support tubes to the ring don't move smoothly all the way around the ring. There are some points where the curvature is great enough that it gets stuck. I was eventually able to force them into the right place by inserting the support tubes and using them to create some torque and rotate the connectors back and forth until they slid past the really curved parts. This got them into the positions I needed them, but also scratched up the pretty finish on the enclosure. The aluminum cover that they provide to cover the part where the ends of each U-shape is flimsy and not very attractive. When I open and close my shower curtain it often gets caught on this thing. It does keep my shower curtain up well, which is why it gets 2 stars, but I would have expected a lot more from a product of this price. (I happened to use it in conjunction with shower curtain RMNH950-S and rollerball rings RMHB5-CP-S). May 2, 2014
Wider shower enclosure I have a Sunrise riser and shower enclosure but the curtain rod is only 24 inches wide.  Since with this setup the shower curtain feels claustrophobic I ordered the 30 inch Randolph Morris rod.  It was the only one I could find that was wider.  Unfortunately the Randolph Morris rod is one inch diameter and the Sunrise riser is a smaller diameter so we could not make the connection. This means we had to add extra rods to stabilize the riser.   The Randolph Morris enclosure is not well designed where the two parts come together and tends to sag at the middle of the enclosure.  Finally it took me three phone calls over a two weeks time to get the rod delivered with a different excuse for the delay each time. I did think the person answering the new orders phone was very knowledgeable about parts when we discovered the two different pipe diameters. March 17, 2013
Shiny, but not too much else When i received this shower ring it came with minimal instructions and a few dents in the main bar.  Now i could have returned it, but it took weeks to even deliver and i have been working on this bathroom for a while.  So i just needed something to put up.  What i received would have been acceptable for around 100-150 bucks but as you can see that it costs much more than that.  The way this thing is constructed is there are 2 main tubes that fit together in the middle with a metal shim that you put inside of the tube and jam the other tube on that.  I'm not too well at describing the process but what you end up with is a weird seam right in the middle of the tube assembly.  there is nothing that goes over this seam.  if there was it would get in the way of the curtain but since there isn't anything there at all it looks cheap, which this thing is not.  When all is said and done this does it's job, and will work.  but i don't believe what i got was anything close to be worth what i paid for this. November 14, 2011
Rubatubtub This is a well-made piece but it is a major pain if you want to draw back the shower curtains - you cant slide the curtain all the way round to "reveal" your beautiful (in my case) tub, because of the pieces holding the unit to the ceiling. We've resorted to leaving the shower drawn almost closed all the time. Plus you need three shower curtains to fully enclose it. October 13, 2009
Three Supports Is Not Enough The oval ring is shipped with three ceiling supports. If you have any type of substantial shower curtain, the ring will give way. Including a fourth support would rectify the problem. October 8, 2009
Ugh Oh, let me count the ways...l) The instructions were almost unintelligible, and included no illustrations (I am an engineer with over 40 years experience, & even I had difficulty figuring this one out). 2) For almost $400 the product was a disappointment. I would have been disappointed even if it had cost $100. 3) Sliding together with aluminum "rolls" was a cheap and rather sorry manner of construction. 4) One of the flanges only had 2 of its 3 holes drilled. 5) I used stainless set screws instead of the cheap, mismatched ones included in your kit. 6) The hoop had a lot of small dents in it. The only reason I installed this product was to satisfy my wife, who really wanted the job completed. Our love for remodeling old houses has been sorely tested by this experience. The clawfoot tub we bought earlier from you was well worth the price. Although it was difficult to install, it is well made and my wife loves it. August 28, 2009
Shower curtain frame Everything was great. Good pricing, excellent quality, fast delivery. March 6, 2009
Clawfoot Tub Shower Enclosure - Oval Ring, 30x60BN Overall, the shower enclosure is of fine quality. I did have two manufacturing defects however. One was with one of the 1" slide style loops. The hole that receives the vertical threaded rod was not machined large enough, preventing the threaded rod from being inserted and tightened. The other problem was with one of the four ceiling supports. One of these had the threaded portion machined at an angle and when the threaded rod was inserted, it was pointing at an angle rather than straight down. I contacted Customer Service and they said they would send replacement parts using a 3 day expedited shipping method. I should receive the parts next week. I would believe the new parts will arrive with no defect, which validates my belief that the Customer Service organization is very customer oriented. November 29, 2008