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Randolph Morris Clawfoot Tub Shower Enclosure - Oval Ring, 30 x 54 Frame

Item#: RMO30X54-CP-S
Randolph Morris Clawfoot Tub Shower Enclosure - Oval Ring, 30 x 54 Frame
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Randolph Morris Clawfoot Tub Shower Enclosure - Oval Ring, 30 x 54 Frame 3 5 3 3
Brushed nickel shower enclosure ring This was a very disapointing first experience with this product. I ordered the brushed nickel finish. The ring itself does not have a brushed nickel finish but some chome plated metal. Only the ceiling supports for the enclosure ring were brushed nickel. The enclosure ring came in 2 pieces that could not be held together by the thin metal sleeve provided. The ring kept coming apart when trying to mount it to the ceiling supports. After the enclosure ring was hung, the metal sleeve keeping the 2 pieces of the ring together kept catching the curtain rings. Finally, the ring finish is taking on what looks to be an oxidized yellowish discoloration after only 1 month. This shower has not been used so moisture could not be causing the yellowing affect. October 15, 2011
Much better than the alternatives There are hundreds of shower suites available for clawfoot tubs, and most of them are absolutely identical, made in Taiwan, and seem to be all from the same shop with different labels tacked on them for shipping. We ordered one from another company, and it was beautifully finished, but terribly engineered. Every joint shook, wiggled, sagged, and drooped. Also, the showers and the curtain rod were all in one, so you could not have one without the other. The randolph Morris ring is larger diameter (one inch) chromed brass tube, has inserts to make the two pieces work as one, and comes with four ceiling supports instead of one. It is beautiful, fits independently of the shower riser, and sturdy and functional. On every count it is head and shoulders above the competition. I had to return the other maker's product with incredible hassles and waste of time, effort, and energy. If you are going to put a shower in your tub, this is the way to go! Vintage tub was friendly to deal with and relatively knowledgeable. January 8, 2011
Could Have Been Much Better This is a nice Clawfoot Enclosure, but for the price, it could have been a lot better. First, I was disappointed to find that instead of being a sturdy one-piece rod, it was two-pieces that fit together with (somewhat lame) aluminum couplers. Second, it would have been very nice to have a printed template to assist in locating the mounting holes. Without this template, we had to be very deliberate about placing the holes to ensure the four down rods were 1) symmetrically placed on the Enclosure Rod and 2) would be vertical once installed. Instead of taking 10 minutes to drill twelve holes, place the drywall anchors, and install the enclosure, it took us two hours of holding and leveling the enclosure, and truing the support rods. And we are two contractors with Mechanical Engineering degrees!!! April 28, 2009