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Randolph Morris Clawfoot Tub Shower Enclosure - D Rod, 27 x 60 Ring

Item#: RMD500-CP-S
Randolph Morris Clawfoot Tub Shower Enclosure - D Rod, 27 x 60 Ring
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$129.99 to $181.99
Randolph Morris Clawfoot Tub Shower Enclosure - D Rod, 27 x 60 Ring 3.9 5 14 14
Set Screw Comes Loose This shower enclosure has a flawed design in that the rod holding the majority of the enclosure's weight can slip from the set screw and drop the enclosure. The set screw has slipped multiple times now and, unfortunately, you never know when it might happen. The screw is a little soft, so it doesn't look like it will hold up to a strong torque from overtightening. Each time the rod slips from the screw I have to scramble around to find a screwdriver while praying that the whole enclosure (now held up by only the shower head and wall screws) will stay attached to the wall. This is not fun when you are just getting out of the shower! The rod slipped from the set screw again this morning so I guess the next step is to try JB Weld. I don't know if the other enclosures have this flaw, but I would try to avoid this type of design if I had to replace this enclosure. August 7, 2012
Nice The brass colored tub enclosure looks nice, and works just fine - it does it's intended job very well, especially for the price, which was quite reasonable. The instructions were difficult to read (poor copy quality) and not as clearly explained as they could be, but we figured it out, and we're happy with our purchase. June 24, 2012
D-Rod This was exactly what we have been looking for, and it's works perfectly! Well built and easy to install. June 6, 2012
Shower Enclosure Quality of product material and construction is Excellent. Ordering on-line was simple, delivery was quick and package arrived without damage. I would have given this a 5 Star Rating if two things had been different: 1) Installation instructions should have been included. I have installed these enclosures several times, but for a first time DIY installer, it could have been confusing. 2) For an enclosure of this size, I think it should include two ceiling support rods. The kit includes one rod, ring and ceiling bracket that provides center support, however support at each corner would provide superior stability and minimal additional cost. May 30, 2012
Shower curtain rod Easy to install, looks age appropriate and so far stays together when pulling on shower curtain! May 19, 2012
Three-sided shower rod This shower rod is adequate for holding a shower curtain with the configuration shown, and reasonably priced. I did not find many alternative options. Still, I wish the rod were a bit sturdier. The old rod it replaced could easily hold wet towels and handwashed items on hangers, but this one seems a bit flimsy for that. May 17, 2012
Shower curtain enclosure I am disapointed in the quality of this product. The chrome plating peeled off in spots as we were installing. Also, the one place where it is connected to the ceiling allows for the enclosuer to move up and down on either side so it is always crooked in one direction or another. May 3, 2012
D-Rod Easy to install. A little less solid material than I expected, but not as expensive as many others. Great product for the price. UPS delivery sent the back 60" rod bent during shipping and the company that makes the d-rod sent the wrong replacement piece, but Vintage was wonderful about getting this all taken care of quickly. August 5, 2010