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Randolph Morris 67 inch Acrylic Slipper Tub and Shower Package

Randolph Morris 67 inch Acrylic Slipper Tub and Shower Package
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Shown in Chrome Feet with Chrome Fixtures
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Randolph Morris 67 inch Acrylic Slipper Tub and Shower Package 4.8 5 4 4
Slipper tub with shower enclosure I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that this is the best bathtub I've ever had a bath in. I havent got the shower head hooked up yet, still under construction, but my first bath was among the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had to date. The slope on the back is the perfect angle, and the length of the tub is so luxurious. The faucet and taps have a very classic look as well, and everything about them is very well made. It feels very decadent being in there!  The only issue I have is that I put it in a heritage house that isn't perfectly level (understatement), the legs have adjustable feet but its been hard to get a good stable positioning because the house is so out of plumb, and the bolts on the legs seem a little loose too, so it rocks a tiny bit when the tub is not full. My suggestion to anyone buying this is to make sure your leg bolts are on nice and tight before setting the tub in place. Its quite a challenge to tighten them up after its in position.   My only other concern was the acrylic had a small crack in it from where it rested on the wood blocking from the packing and shipping. It is on the side facing the wall so not a big deal, but I had thought I might put it the opposite way so that would have meant getting the acrylic repaired, which never looks great.  Anyway, overall I'm very pleased, this was a good investment.  January 9, 2013
Everyone takes baths now My family loves this tub!  We used to have an old iron clawfoot tub and only my youngest and I would use it. With the new tub, both kids and my husband take baths.  Sometimes there is a line and we have another tub and 2 showers! We love the slipper design and the way it cradles your body. We also love the way it looks in the bathroom of our 1901 home. It makes the whole bathroom elegant. We get compliments any time anyone visits.  They can't believe it is acrylic and have to thump it to be sure! May 26, 2012
Quick nice They were very prompt on getting me my product are very very nice on the phone and I felt the quality of everything was excellent May 19, 2012
Randolph Morris Tub Kit    This is the 3rd acrylic slipper tub that the wife and I have installed in the last 12 years, we've moved a bit. The first was a Sears brand, and was quite nice, however, it had a rough exterior that wasn't as nice as the smooth finish of the Randolph Morris, nor was it as heavily built. The legs on the Sears model were more closely spaced together, and definitely required securing it to the floor, the Morris can stand on it's own feet, so to speak. The taps were also the old style washer type, these ones are ceramic and are much easier to regulate the flow. The shower head is also much nicer. We did not hook up the telephone shower part, as it is something neither of us like.    The second tub was a Home Hardware model, it had a rough exterior that required painting, and the hardware that came with it was very cheap construction. Don't waist your time with this tub, you will be disappointed.    About my complaint with this tub, is that there is no easy way to secure it to the floor. In our new bathroom, we used laminate tiles, and they are quit slick, meaning once the tub was put in place, it was easy to bump and move it out of position. This is not a good thing when you have fixed plumbing attached to it, ie the drain and hot and cold water pipes. So, once I had the tub positioned and levelled front to back and side to side, I made a mark on the round threaded feet, "on the inside". I then removed the feet and drilled a hole large enough for a #10 stainless steel wood screw to fit through, rethreaded the feet back to there original position and screwed the tub down to the floor. The screws are virtually unnoticeable, and the tub can no longer move. Otherwise, we are both very happy with the tub/shower, the wife says it's easy to clean, and for the price and free shipping, what more do you want. April 1, 2012