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Randolph Morris 67 Inch Acrylic Slipper Clawfoot Tub Rim Drillings
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Randolph Morris 67 Inch Acrylic Slipper Clawfoot Tub Rim Drillings

Price Range: $922.99 to $1,099.99

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Size: 30 5/8" H x 28 1/4" W x 67 " D
White with Chrome Feet
Randolph Morris 67 Inch Acrylic Slipper Clawfoot Tub Rim Drillings 5 5 4 4
Clawfoot Tub Love the tub. Glad I purchaseed the 67" size. Can streach out without bent knees. Like the double wall construction with a structural foam core. This provides a quick tub warm up and retains the water heat longer than a steel or cast iron tub. The lighter weight of the unit made it much easier to carry up three flights of stairs. Only issue I had to deal with is that the lighter weigjht made it easier to move if bumped into. This concerned me with the floor mounted piping and drain connections. I solved this by drilling out the adjustment pad feet and threading in a 1/4" dia. threaded rod 3/4"long. I drilled out the ceramic disc pads and gluded the discs to the tub feet pads with epoxy. I set the tub in place and used silicon adhesive between the discs and ceramic tile floor. Very solid attachement. Very happy with the the installation and look. Please see attached photos. Only complaint is in the shiety packaging and skid. The box was turn up, the skid was broken. I don't know how the tub made it through without damage. However, it did and was only dirty. May 23, 2012
Randolph Morris 67 Inch Acrylic Slipper Clawfoot T Great tub.  And love the acrylic, so much lighter!  May 21, 2012
Best investment After buying an older home this year, the bathtub (which was new) wasn't deep enough for a good soak.....I've had "authentic" claw foot tubs before and loved them. This tub is beautiful and very comfortable. I am 5'9". I was recently told by one of my professors (who is a nurse) that the #1 most underutilized therapeutic device available today is the home bathtub! Boy, she is so right!! My friends all want one and my bathroom looks luxurious! I did have it professionally installed, so it was a breeze for me!! Too bad there is only the option of 5 stars, or I would have given this tub more!!! I've shared this web-site with several who will also purchase this product. I couldn't be happier. December 13, 2011
67" slipper tub is beautiful and affordable I was so thrilled that I stumbled upon this website. Great value and great product. The person who took my order was very helpful and you could tell she knew the product/product line. Whatever the quoted terms were for shipping and delivery were accurate - hardly any shipping time, really amazing. Like others have stated, there are no directions delivered w/ the product. My installer frantically called his office manager who explained that she had downloaded installation directions from website - so be sure to do that ahead of time and have it all ready for your installer. After that, I think it went smoothly. My first bath was heavenly. I was worried that the shower head would spray all over (I have hardwood floors in bath) but it didn't - it is a nice trickle that simply allows you to wash but does not "spray out" like a hose. I might go back and buy the "tray" that fits over tub to hold soap,razor, etc. But a cute little stool next to tub works well too. I think this "wow" piece will make our vacation rental home stand out among the competition. I am glad I did not go with the smaller model. If you have the space, go for this size. I'm only 5'4" and I fit comfortably - I don't think I would have been as pleased with the smaller model. You'll love it. June 21, 2010