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Randolph Morris 66 Inch Acrylic Double Ended Clawfoot Tub Rim Drillings

Randolph Morris 66 Inch Acrylic Double Ended Clawfoot Tub Rim Drillings
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Shown in White with White Feet
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Randolph Morris 66 Inch Acrylic Double Ended Clawfoot Tub Rim Drillings 4.8 5 4 4
Classy! Love this tub! It will look great as part of our master bath remodel. Customer Service is so polite and accommodating. We had to request different size bars which hold the claw feet against the tub. **VERY IMPORTANT** They usually send 14" bars for this particular tub but be sure to request the 13" bars or the claw feet will not sit flush against the sides of the tub. All in all, this is a fabulous product and Vintage Tub & Bath is very focused on pleasing the customer! February 9, 2014
Awesome experience This is some of the best customer service I've ever had!  They were awesome to deal with. Most definitely the easiest part of my master bath remodel! The tub is great. I love soaking in and it looks great too. May 23, 2012
Bath Tub Look's good and the color is what we wanted, have no complaint's about this product.Shipping took longer than expected, but when it did arrive it was in good condition.Had no trouble in recommending this site to a freind. May 17, 2012
I do love the tub I love the tub, its finish is nice, and the white is very white. We are very satisfied. Just in case someone is interested in my detailed review, There were some surprises when I recieved the tub since I only saw it in pictures online, I'm sure I would have still purchased the tub. 1)The feet are attached to the tub but the rounded part of the foot where it meets the acrylic of the tub is not exactly flush, what I mean is that where the upper part of the foot touches the tub, it doesn't touch the whole way around the upper flange of the foot's metal. This gap is small but is also not completely around the upper flange of the foot, sometimes it is flush or butted directly up against the acrylic and it slowly arches slightly away from the acrylic in parts. I guess it doesn't bother me now, the feet are securely attached via another means. I got brushed nickel feet. 2) the feet were not three dimensional in that I thought the 'ball and claw' notion meant the 'ball' part of the foot would be spherical, well the front of it appears spherical and then the ball abruptly ends after it curves out of sight. So in other words the feet are hollow and are a mold so to say of a solid foot. I guess its understandable since the actual 'ball' doesn't need to be fully spherical to hold the weight of the tub. If for some reason you look under the tub or are near the floor, you can see the legs behind the tub are just hollow. No three dimensional ball there. 3) I guess I should have looked into it a bit but I would have like to purchase a tub made in the USA. This tub came with the largest shiniest "made in china' sticker on it that I had ever seen, thought it would be easy peel but nope, it left a sticky glue as if I was suppoed to leave it there.? I don't like the thought of having to ship this tub across the ocean........ The sticker was on the inside of the tub where your back would rest, so it was very obvious. I love the tub May 15, 2012