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Randolph Morris Two Piece Elongated Front Corner Toilet

Item#: RM5050
Randolph Morris Two Piece Elongated Front Corner Toilet
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Randolph Morris Two Piece Elongated Front Corner Toilet 4 5 3 3
Corner toilet Everything was fine with the toilet, except that the dimenstion to the drain centerline is 12", not 16" as advertised. January 14, 2013
corner toilet Overall, this toilet has worked well so far. We have to get a seat that will work on it, so obviously right now it is not experiencing heavy traffic. I think it works great as a second bathroom. The only two things I would change are the rate at which it flushes- no problems, but just very weak sounding, and two- so low to the ground..maybe a few inches shorter than regular toilets. Other than that it has worked fine. May 11, 2012
Arrived Damaged When ordering this product, I found the process to be very easy and efficient. The toilet, which was intended for my inlaws house, arrived at a very unique time for them so that it was not unpacked immediately. The main part that was needed to repair their toilet was the corner tank but I had to order the entire unit which is perfectly understandable. When the unit was unpacked, the tank was in perfect condition but the base had a crack in it so it was not functional. Fortunately, the corner tank fit the old base perfectly so that the new base was not an absolute necessity. Had we not been able to use the old base, I would have notified you immediately but, with all that was happening in our personal lives at the time, it was not a high priority. The base is still sitting in the carton it came in and I cannot see the necessity of returning it unless you absolutely need it back. I am not looking to get any monitary compensation back at all. Thanks for caring enough to want my feedback.. Santa Tom Carmody January 11, 2012