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Randolph Morris Randolph Morris Claw Foot Tub Shower Enclosure with Metal Showerhead

Item#: RM403SEC-S
Randolph Morris Randolph Morris Claw Foot Tub Shower Enclosure with Metal Showerhead
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$405.99 to $523.99
Randolph Morris Randolph Morris Claw Foot Tub Shower Enclosure with Metal Showerhead 4.2 5 30 30
Looks Beautiful, some minor issues. We purchased this unit some months ago for our totally refurbished '1920's style' bathroom in our 1913 home and recently finished the installation. The unit was delivered and packaged in good condition. It looks beautiful installed. As stated by some of the other reviews the actual curtain rod is very light weight and not drilled properly to allow proper tightening of the curtain rod pieces to the rod brackets. We were able to firm the unit up by re-drilling and re-tapping these to make them tighten firmly. Other than that the quality is excellent. The brass risers, the sunflower head and the faucet units are all very nice and made of heavy brass with an excellent chrome finish. FYI there are no installation instructions with this unit and the parts list and other information on the website don't really help out in this department. If you are not an experienced do-it-yourselfer, you may wish to have a professional do the install. ONE WORD OF WARNING FOR PURCHASERS.....although not stated, this unit seems designed ONLY for tubs with the faucet end of the tub next to a wall. Our tub is installed with the plumbing facing out into the room and when we went to install the unit it would not install without us modifying the mounting brackets (see attached photo) on the curtain rod itself. This was accomplished for about $5 and a little effort but we had to think it out a bit. Overall this is a nice unit that should give us years of satisfaction. Other than the points mentioned there were no other issues at all. October 27, 2014
Tub enclosure I searched on line for the enclosure. I had a few questions so I called. The woman that I spoke with was wonderful. Extremely helpful and pleasant. The service and delivery were as they told me and arrived as promised. I am pleased with the enclosure. I love the shower head especially. I was concerned how it might look being the least expensive option. The only complaint would be that the directions were not enclosed and there were a lot of pieces. Fortunately I did not handle this but my plumber and general contractor were less than pleased. November 9, 2013
One flaw Just had this fixture installed on my clawfoot tub. Looks great. I think the ceramic disk faucet will be a major improvement over the washers I had so much trouble with on the old fixture. Gooseneck filler meets code requirements for no backwash. The only flaw, as others have pointed out, is that the shower curtain ring is made of flimsy, inferior tubing, and the screw mechanism that attaches the ring to the supports is impossible to tighten down to eliminate wobble without stripping out the screws. I'm going to try to fix it by dropping two additional allthread rods from the ceiling, next to the one wobbly one -- that's where the 180" curtain will go when it's open. And probably drilling through the ring where the screws are now, and running a bolt through that can be tightened down more -- although only so much because, like I say, the tubing is flimsy. Shouldn't have to do that, though. Too bad they went to all the trouble to make a quality fixture and then didn't follow through. February 17, 2013
Loved it. Great product. This fits our 1905 claw foot tub perfectly. As with any new product, always view ALL the fittings and make sure they match up. A lot of research and a little common sense will make the project a smooth transitition from functional to Awesome. Product arrived as promised. May 29, 2012
Just What I Needed! This item is just as advertised and just what I needed for my 1920's bungalow home that has a clawfoot tub in the bathroom. Works like a charm and looks great! May 29, 2012
faucets and enclosure I purchased the entire set...drain, supply lines, faucets, shower head and enclosure. I am very pleased with the quality of the products. They were packed very well and the instructions were perfect. May 26, 2012
tub shower and enclosure have tried twice in the past year to install. first time by professional. second time i took a try. nothing but leaks. metal is not heavy enough to hold up. pipe is too fexible. not enough supports to stabilize shower head or shower rod. this puchase was a total disappointment. never used. pieces are currently stored all through the house. May 24, 2012
LOVE IT! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  I great rave reviews from guests who want to move in because of my fabulous tub and tub fixtures. I highly recommend them due to their fabulous service, great prices and fast shipping. May 23, 2012