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Randolph Morris Faucet Set: Clawfoot Tub Wall Mounted Down Spout Faucet, Drain and Supply Lines

Item#: RM154TWCSPB-S
Randolph Morris Faucet Set: Clawfoot Tub Wall Mounted Down Spout Faucet, Drain and Supply Lines
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Shown in Polished Brass
$418.97 to $568.97
Randolph Morris Faucet Set: Clawfoot Tub Wall Mounted Down Spout Faucet, Drain and Supply Lines 4.9 5 14 14
Fitting Update I purchased the chrome version of the set, and thought it was good quality. Seemed the equal of the old fittings I removed from the clawfoot tub in my old house. We love the 1/4-turn valves, and the flow rate fills the tub quickly. The sprayer seemed decent, the hose I am unsure of, but only because it was so easy to hook up; I equate durability with difficulty, maybe. The directions were sparce, but the installation is pretty simple. I purchased a strap wrench. tubing cutter, and spud wrench to be sure I was able to properly cut and tighten the fittings without marring the shiny surfaces. Home Depot plumbig guy suggested elbows to connect flexible lines to the faucet inlets instead of using purchased supply tubing, as I needed a temporary hook-up before a bigger remodel. Leaked at first, I could not tighten enough, but then put in thin round washer that was in with the vintage faucet to keep parts together, and it has worked fine. Nice alternative if you want to use flexible hoses instead. When purchasing faucet I knew ahead of time that the spout was not as high as it should be to prevent bath water from entering the spout, but wasn't bothered, as it was higher than the one used for years. Make it easy on yourself and purchase a set from this site, especially if you have old hardware; the differnce is drametic with the new faucet. Make sure to check on the diameter of drains; mine was 1 1/4 inch but tub excepted the newer 1 1/2 inch standard, so good to go. March 1, 2013
Faucet Set: Clawfoot Tub Wall Mounted Down Spout F down spout faucet and drain were fine the supply lines were extremely difficut to bend without damaging them. It would have helped if I knew in advance that special tools were needed to bend the supply lines January 3, 2013
Faucet Set Randolph Morris manufactures a quality product, and I am very pleased with the set I purchased. Since the faucet was to be installed on an antique claw-foot cast iron tub, I needed a quality product that would complement the "look" and operation I wanted. Delivery was fast and efficient, and the set was well-packaged.. June 4, 2012
My tub looks and works awesome! Excellent product - fit my tub perfectly - looks and works awesome! :) May 31, 2012
Tub faucets and shower head We are totally satisfied with our Vintage Tub faucets and shower head. It makes a second shower when we have lots of house guests. Our plumber was amazed at what we paid for it. The quality if excellent. May 23, 2012
Clawfoot Faucet I am really enjoying my new Clawfoot Faucet it is easy to hold the handset it also gave my bathroom a wonderful new look. May 21, 2012
Randolph Morris clawfoot tub fixture This fixture exceeded my expectations. It is gorgeous and has added so much to the style of the bathroom. I highly recommend the company and the products they make. May 15, 2012
Oiled Bronze fixtures This was ordered in oiled bronze and it is just beautiful. Great quality and beautiful with the antique tub. July 14, 2010