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Randolph Morris Clawfoot Tub Faucet - Tub Wall Mount, Low Spout with Handshower, Adjustable Centers

Item#: RM146L-CP-S
Randolph Morris Clawfoot Tub Faucet - Tub Wall Mount, Low Spout with Handshower, Adjustable Centers
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$297.99 to $399.99
Randolph Morris Clawfoot Tub Faucet - Tub Wall Mount, Low Spout with Handshower, Adjustable Centers 4.8 5 8 8
clawfoot tub faucet While I am still waiting for my son to install my new taps (my bathroom is being completely redone) I am so eager to see them done and to get to use them. I was most impressed with the detail to packaging, ensuring that there could be no damage in transit. I am also impressed with the quality of the product. It will be the beginning of July before my bathroom is done & I wait with baited breath. E-mail you pictures then! May 15, 2013
So happy to have found this company! I purchased this faucet a little over a year ago. When we moved into our 100 year old home back in August of 2012 we were very excited to get our third floor bathroom up and running. The faucets were cut and capped and the claw foot tub was in great shape. We gave ourselves a budget of $1000.00 for plumbing and fixtures. ( This is all before knowing what we were getting into) So, the plumber came out for 600.00 and that only left 400 for the fixture.  Well, I quickly learned why the previous owners did not fix the faucet. I called costumer service at Vintage Tub and Faucet, I explained my budget and he was so helpful and highly recommend this faucet. He also suggested getting the adjustable mountings because I didn't need anymore bills with the tub. Now over a year has passed and I LOVE MY FAUCET! The only thing I have to do is tighten the screws on the handle once in a while. The little circle that says shower or tub fell off, not a big deal ..a little crazy glue and it was fixed. The faucet has great weight and fantastic water pressure. I clean it with a regular tub cleaner and then shine it with glass cleaner.  After it's cleaned the faucet looks brand new, by the way I have chrome. January 20, 2013
Exceptional quality Very solid piece. Price is very reasonable in comparison to other companies. Easy to install. August 12, 2012
New Hardware the midst of restoring an old hotel that had the orginal claw foot with hardware from the 70's. Was quite pleased with the Randollph Morris product. Had a pro install it. Was pretty straight forward. Looks fabulous and is working well. Really sets the tone... May 28, 2012
wall mount faucet I am very pleased with the quality and appearance of the faucet purchased. I had a professional install the faucet and drains and no problems were encountered. December 23, 2010
A thing of beauty The faucet was all I hoped it would be. Beautiful and functional. Had a little trouble installing it, but that had more to do with the fittings I was forced to use on the back side. Took a couple of trys getting it both tightened and keeping it level, but not too tough. Well worth the $ October 16, 2009
claw foot tub faucet with Handshower This is a beautiful faucet and and I am completely happy with the quality. Itwas fairly easy to install until went to connect my water supply. The connection size was much different than what was supplied. Luckily, I went to a local builder supply that carries some Victorian type things (San Francisco) and found it. At that point, it was easy. I think my water supplies are a very standard size, so I am not sure why this is not included in the kit. October 13, 2009
Great product Easy to order, shipped quickly. Love the sleek look. August 25, 2009