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Spring House R2200BR Add-A-Shower Enclosure w/ Solid Brass Ring, thicker (5/8inch O.D.) ceiling and wall supports and die cast metal fittings

Item#: R2200BR
Spring House R2200BR Add-A-Shower Enclosure w/ Solid Brass Ring, thicker (5/8inch O.D.) ceiling and wall supports and die cast metal fittings
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Spring House R2200BR Add-A-Shower Enclosure w- Solid Brass Ring, thicker (5-8inch O.D.) ceiling and wall supports and die cast metal fittings 4.1 5 95 95
spring house R2200 i have had this faucet for about three years and iam giving up on it it hasnt worked right sience day one but felt like i had really no other choice than to get it for it is the only tub in the house and i needed shower the plunger on the faucet for the shower head would always stick and never close all the way the the metel handle on the plunger broke off and the rubber gasket inside the faucet became torn and it no longer works for use at all the thing that really gets me is it is hard to find a faucet at a resonable price that works with my tub. August 16, 2012
Excellent Product This shower enclosure is exactly what we needed for the claw foot bath tub. it is a very good quality item and I would recommend it to anyone doing this type of retrofit. It's well worth the reasonable cost. July 10, 2012
Basic - It isn't great, but it works This was the least expensive shower kit I could find for our existing claw foot tub and due to our tight budget, it was all we could afford at the time. This set works, however, I would never buy it again. Next time... I will not have a shower in the claw foot tub, it's too high off the floor and the space is too small. But if I had to... I would opt for a model with raised handles - this model requires bending very far to operate the water controls. I would get a model with more than two support points on the shower curtain rod, since it rotates and will not stay level, even when properly installed. I believe this is due to the fact that the shower curtain is used on one side and not the other. The shower head works, but is not great, we will eventually replace it. The chain for the tub drain is much too long as is, but can easily be shortened. We did buy the heavier duty set, but the shower curtain rod still seems flimsy for the weight of a shower curtain. All that being said, the set does work and is fine if that is all you can afford - just expect to get what you pay for. May 30, 2012
r2200 it has held up well in a small house, family of bath....good, strong, reliable, affordable...thanks May 28, 2012
shower enclosure For a low price shower enclosure, this can't be beat. You get what you pay for, so don't expect a high quality beauty, but it is practical & functional. The ring required the additional supports on the sides up to the ceiling, so simply plan on purchasing them together or the ring will tip. I would recommend this for those who are looking for an average quality, but inexpensive unit. May 26, 2012
Great Shower Conversion This is the way to go for those liking to take a shower and only have a bathrub. This is a substantial product and makes it easy to get a shower. I would highly recommend this product. May 25, 2012
Spring House shower enclosure The product was easy to install.  Great price and most of all great customer service department.  Next time a need to purchase other items for the bathrooms, i will surely consider purchasing again from Vintage Tub & Bath. May 25, 2012
Great product This was a perfect product for my rental, well-made, inexpensive and easy to install. My only concern is that it is fairly lightweight and I hope it holds up. So far so good after 11 months. May 24, 2012