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American Bath Factory 30inch x 60inch Single Threshold Custom Shower Kit with Left Side Faucet

Item#: P21-2501P-CH-S
American Bath Factory 30inch x 60inch Single Threshold Custom Shower Kit with Left Side Faucet
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Shown in Chrome Fixtures
American Bath Factory Custom Shower Kit - 30 x 60, Single Threshold, Left Side Faucet 3.5 5 2 2
Not easy I purchased my install kit thinking it would be easier to install that laying tile. Your walls have to be absolutely straight and square and there is no room for error!  Not even a new build has perfectly straight walls. I had to do alot of shimming. Laying tile is more forgiving of walls that are a little off. After soldering my copper lines to the plumbers upgrade kit that I purchased with the shower kit I turned the water on. The plumbers upgrade kit leaked! I then took the cement board off of the plumbers upgrade kit and found that the there was a bad solder joint on the 90 degree street elbow. I had to disassemble the plumbers upgrade kit and soldered in all new copper lines on the hot water side. I was shocked at the shoddy craftsmanship of this kit! There was excessive use of shims throughout on the brackets holding the 1/2" copper pipe. Screws were wedged in on an angle into the 1/2 inch copper line holders in an attempt to pick up the slack of the bracket being to big for the application.  Why not just use the proper sized brackets? I purchased the proper brackets and installed them. I also found that the cement board that is supplied on the face of the plumbers upgrade kit is not 1/2 inch and was thinner that the 1/2 cement board I purchased for the install. Not happy! July 7, 2014
At Last! Common Sense products 4 the antique house This product makes perfect sense whether you do it yourself or have a handy guy do it for you. My 1901 house now sports the shower amenities of modern houses without compromising the elegance of the era. A great product! October 9, 2009