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Strom Plumbing Harmony 48 Inch Rolltop Clawfoot Tub - Wall Faucet Drillings

Item#: P0731C-S
Strom Plumbing Harmony 48 Inch Rolltop Clawfoot Tub - Wall Faucet Drillings
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Shown in Chrome Ball and Claw Feet
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Strom Plumbing Harmony 48 Inch Rolltop Clawfoot Tub - Wall Faucet Drillings 4.3 5 4 4
happy I had a small bathroom and needed a stylish solution. The clawfoot tub came out to be the perfect answer. October 17, 2009
Definately Tiny I like this tub quite a bit...except for some design flaws. First of all, the overflow hole is positioned pretty close to the faucet hole out to be sure the faucet and overflow medallion don't hit. It was a close fit. Also, the faucet doesn't fit perfectly vertical on the tub wall, as the tub wall is sloped at the faucet hole end. Thats a problem if you are using an upward tube from the faucet to connect to a shower. The tube won't be vertical. Also, the tub wall is sloped all the way to the bottom of the tub. When you stand up in the tub, your feet aren't flat down. You are standing on an angle. Also, the sloped bottom means super slippery. Now I know why they shipped the tub with a pack of no- slip stickies to put on the bottom of the tub. I bought this tub to use as a "shower" in a small 5'x6' bathroom. It replaces an old 60" clawfoot that had porcelain in poor condition. I like this small tub as I have clearance to get to drum trap on floor. I like the extra clearance the small tub provides to the bathroom end walls. My bathroom is small with a window. The house itself is on a slab foundation and the water pipes run on the outside of the interior walls. This tub worked very well for my needs and looks cute, too. It's not a perfect tub, in fact the leg fit even seems "cheap". But I really like it for the simplicitiy of design and use. October 7, 2009
More than pleased The tub far exceded expections- having considered both refinishing a tub or a used tub in good order, I am certain that neither of these options would have come close to the finish quality on either the interior or the exterior of the Strom 48. Vintage tub's service was excellent, and everything went without a hitch. Looking forward to my next project when I can select another product... I now know that I don't need to be apprehensive about buying a tub on the internet. October 15, 2008
Tub fine, accessories not It's hard to enjoy the tub when the shower enclosure that "was made to go with it" is such a nightmare. The tub is cute, but the shower enclosure was made way too small - it should go to the edge of the tub - instead of ending a full foot before the tub does. I would probably love the tub if it had the right size shower enclosure. August 6, 2008