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Strom Plumbing Deck Mounted Gooseneck Leg Tub with Shower Enclosure - Metal Shower Head

Item#: P0729C-S
Strom Plumbing Deck Mounted Gooseneck Leg Tub with Shower Enclosure - Metal Shower Head
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Strom Plumbing Deck Mounted Gooseneck Leg Tub with Shower Enclosure - Metal Shower Head 3.6 5 7 7
Excellent Except For the Shower Head A high quality set of brass fittings, the whole assembly looks great and our plumber was impressed by the craftsmanship. Two things though, the Hot and Cold taps have ceramic valves which are great, but the showerhead valve uses a rubber washer which seems rather poor in comparison. Also the brass showerhead was so heavy it wouldn't hold its position and kept sagging down in its ball joint, so we replaced it with a Delta Victorian showerhead which is lighter weight and also has a much better adjustable spray pattern. November 16, 2009
Poor shower ring design, This is one of those cases of Internet shopping that seems adequate until installation. I'm not saying it was poorly made, just the opposite. Just poorly designed. The shower ring is too flimsy due to only 2 points of attachment and wispy thickness. Still, you don't buy a claw foot tub to take showers right? It is lovely and the actual plumbing fixture components are solid. You really need skills to install the goose neck shower riser and shower ring for plumb and level. Plywood backing behind the wall is a must. November 7, 2009
enclosure Love the look and quality of the product. The only issue is that the screws on the end of the handles come out a lot. October 23, 2009
gooseneck leg tub first tub was faulty but we returned it immediately and are very happy with 2nd tub October 21, 2009
a cautionary note This is an exercise in patience for the install. Use plumber's putty/gel/something at the connection going up the shower head. Once you get it in, it works fine. My plumber suggested a third support going out to the side, but it would be to stop the slight side up/down wiggle when pulling shower curtains and might interfere with your curtain arrangement. The cautionary note: don't mount the shower head so high you can't reach it easily.... December 12, 2008
Finish Fails We have only had our tub and fixtures installed for six months, and the finish on the fixtures is already coming off. The tub is great, but everything else will need to be replaced in less than a year. August 17, 2008
Shower Make sure to have everything lined up and in place as the ease of installation will go easier. Good quality hardware, however directions could be better. I had to go to the website to see better installation procedures. May 24, 2007