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Strom Plumbing Deck Mounted Gooseneck Spout Clawfoot Tub Faucet

Item#: P0684QC-S
Strom Plumbing Deck Mounted Gooseneck Spout Clawfoot Tub Faucet
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Faucet I LOVE this faucet. We have a drop-in jaccuzi tub with this faucet and it looks very nice. It's oil rubbed bronze and is one of my favorite pieces. I receive lots of compliments on it. The hand held shower wand has good pressure but is not needle like when it sprays. Its a rain showerhead so it's very soothing. May 17, 2012
Hello? Is it time to take a bath yet? I've always loved the classic look of a British style faucet set. Having one with the hand held wand, and the swivel gooseneck faucet spout as well, great combination for filling the tub and rinsing my hair without splashing water all over the room. It also means I can have beadboard walls of any finish I like, because the room does not require water proofing, a shower stall, or a shower curtain. My bathroom is more than utilitarian, and the Strom handset makes it all possible. As well as a good style, the Strom faucet set is heavy duty and well made. My husband, who is an engineer and understands quality materials and construction, was very pleased with my Strom selections. He became very familiar with them and their working parts, because he is the one who installed the whole deal, connecting everything to the roughed in plumbing and drain line. Vintage Tub & Bath had a special 10% off deal if I bought the tub and all the parts at one time. Which is what I did, and also got free shipping. It was not a "package" that they put together, but one that I chose item by item. Everything except the tub was made by Strom, a Pennsylvania company, and the parts are solid as can be. The hose on the handheld wand is very supple and sleek as a snake slithering over the grass, so it stays tucked away and does not interfere with my movements in the tub, nor catch on the shelf I keep across the drain end of the tub. My tub is free standing, and it is a clawfoot slipper tub by REstoria, the 60" Ambassador, which is acrylic finished and not porcelain over cast iron. There is never a problem with the shower hose scratching or nicking any part of the smooth tub finish. Because all the plumbing is exposed from the faucet set fixed on the rounded rim of the tub, down through the supply lines and the cross handled shut off valve handles, I was pleased to find the same great attention was given to all the Strom items, and it was a great look from start to finish. We've been using this plumbing and the Ambassador tub for well over a year, probably closer to two years. Besides having a lovely bathroom with my free-standing clawfoot slipper tub just like I envisioned it, I am pleased with every item--the whole is greater than any of its parts, but each part contributes nicely to the whole. Nothing would I change. My friends come in, and they are very impressed. The contractor came back to see how we'd finished out the bathroom (my husband laid the tile and thus installed everything except the sink) and he was most impressed with the way it came together. Beadboard walls he installed, stained glass window he installed, as well as 3 clerestory windows up high on the northern exterior wall, so good light comes into this room, and the setting sun illuminates the stained glass in an appropriate manner. The tub is free standing, it has plenty of space around it, and we are super pleased with the effect of this new bathing experience which gives us an old fashioned feeling with modern materials. Great job, Strom, and thank you very much for a good deal, Vintage. May 14, 2012
Gorgeous! This is a beautiful faucet for our master bath. The high-neck faucet looks so elegant and the quality of the fixture is sturdy yet fine. Our plumber said it was easy to install, but pretty time-consuming, so it's not really advisable to do it yourself unless you are a pro. Make certain you buy all the accessories, too, such as the drain, supply lines, valves, and stopper. We're really pleased with this, and have already recommended it to our tile designer to use in another bath they are installing. I'm sure they'll be as happy as we are. November 25, 2010
So stylish! I've always admired the beauty of telephone handled faucets for clawfoot tubs, and this one looks like it's fit for a princess. It's got classic white hot/cold/shower handles and a nice, easy to grip handle for the sprayer. It also looks like a very easy install and comes with good descriptive drawings. February 15, 2006