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Strom Plumbing Ball and Claw Clawfoot Tub Legs

Item#: P0332S-S
Strom Plumbing Ball and Claw Clawfoot Tub Legs
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Shown in Supercoated Brass
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$202.50 to $337.50
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Cure for old claw foot tub legs I was so relieved for find this product... I bought an antique tub and the legs were not stable enough on their own.. I decided to try this product and myself and my plumber were so impressed with how easy it was to install! The strapping is invisible to the eye... I would recommend this product to anyone who is considering installing an old tub... it gives instant peace of mind!! Thank you! May 30, 2012
Claw foot I needed to buy replacement feet for our claw foot tub during a bathroom makeover. The feet's quality was good and I'm glad I bought them. The only thing that was a little frustrating is tnstalling the feet. It definately takes two people. That said I think the feet are a great value for the money. May 21, 2012
Clawfoot tub feet I bought an old clawfoot tub and had it refinished but it only had three feet so the next thing to do was buy new feet. It seemed like a daunting job but after looking at Vintage Tub & Bath it was easy. I spray painted the feet a color that went more with my new bathroom colors and my tub looks like new! May 15, 2012
bathroom overhaul nightmare I bought a 1906 clawfoot tub in a bathroom redo and the feet kept sliding out when tub was in use. BIG PROBLEM. Although these new feet do not have the same amount of detail that my original ones did, it was the answer to my problem without having to pay a bundle. Buy this before you have my traumatic experience. April 19, 2012
Great Service Everyone I talked to was extremely helpful. I got my legs ahead of the estimated date and they worked perfectly. I pretty much never expect any restoration project to be this easy...I would absolutely use vintagetub again (hopefully I won't have to for a while ;) February 7, 2012
the feet that saved the day! I ordered your clawfoot feet for our tub. The tub came to us with no feet. My husband was skeptical if they would work. I am happy to say they fit perfectly. Now I have the look I was wanting with those beautiful feet. Thank you for getting them to us so promptly. November 2, 2010
Saved my old tub from the scrap yard I had a claw foot tub in my 80+ year old house with several feet that would fall off without notice - luckily never two feet at the same time. The cast iron "nubs" where the original feet clamped on to the tub were broken and worn and the original feet simply could not be made to work - the tub was great, it just wasn't safe. Once I saw this kit I new I had to try it. The kit arrived quickly and the polished nickel claw and ball tub legs were obviously of exceptional quality. The steel rods on the other hand were a bit "rough" - the pieces were pre drilled at several locations, but turned out to be too short for my tub application. I opted instead for purchasing several comparable pieces of "fresh" steel at the large chain hardware store. Carefully flipping the tub over (with the help of several friends), I measured numerous times in order to get the length and width just right on the rods such that the legs were sitting in an optimal location on the tub while ensuring it would be stable on the cradle. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - take time to ensure the tub will be stable. Once the pieces were cut to length and drilled based on my measurements, I went ahead and painted them with a white rust resistent primer and finish paint. I also swapped out the bolts that came with the kit - they were I thought a bit too long for the application - be sure to use locknut washers. I tested the cradle with the tub upside down - again, its a heavy tub and you want to make sure its going to fit the first time. ANOTHER IMPORTANT TIP - make sure the tub is sufficiently sloped to drain properly. You don't want it completely flat - this can be accomplished with a few large diameter washers placed at the opposite end of the drain. Once I had the legs and cradle positioned on the porcelain coasters (which I also bought from this site), I had my friends join me for once last heavy lift. Much to my relief the tub settled into the cradle and looks amazing! The legs appear to be original and you don't even know it is sitting on a cradle. Also the tub was heavy enough that this setup is 100% solid - it is firmly resting in the cradle and does not move. A quality product overall. Every product I've purchased from this site has been total quality - the plumber that installed the fixtures commented that "it isn't often that he gets a chance to install plumbing fixtures this nice and this well made". I'll be back... I have two more bathrooms to refinish, I'm starting on the next one at the end of the month. August 3, 2010
Claw and Ball Tub Legs I was very hesitant to purchase this as the strapping looked frail. However, after speaking with the manufacturer and the dealer, I took the plunge and have been really satisified. The feet are really heavy and large and all the weight of the tub rest on the feet, none of it is on the strapping. The strapping just holds the feet from slipping away from each other. The chrome also looks so much better then the old feet I replaced. The design could be improved upon, but all in all its great. Oh, and you'll have to customize it to your tub by sawing the straps and drilling new holes in them. But that way, you get it exactly the right size. You can see the strapping and bolts under the tub, but you have to be really far away to do it, it would have to be a large bathroom. Glad I bought the cradle. March 16, 2010