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Strom Plumbing English Telephone Faucet and 45 x 25 Clawfoot Tub Shower Enclosure

Item#: P0168QC-S
Strom Plumbing English Telephone Faucet and 45 x 25 Clawfoot Tub Shower Enclosure
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$1,126.50 to $1,395.99
Strom Plumbing English Telephone Faucet and 45 x 25 Clawfoot Tub Shower Enclosure 4.7 5 24 24
My Tub Enclosure Decided to install myself, was fairly easy. Made some dumb mistakes (like not putting teflon tape on all of the threaded joints), otherwise, to about a day to install, included a couple of trips to the hardware store. It looks great, I love the polished nickel finish. The telephone shower head is a nice touch. I agree with other reviewers, the quality is top notch, you can tell by the weight of the fixtures. December 17, 2013
Beautiful & Great Quality This tub set up is the best quality I could have asked for. It was solid brass/chrome coated, it look rich and beautiful and was pretty easy to install. I would could this again or anything from Strom although they are expensive you can see the quality! June 4, 2012
within a year shower diverter broke It's been just under one year that we've had our new bathroom completed. The tub and fixtures were the last to be installed. As of yesterday, the faucet diverter is now broken so we can no longer load the tub through the faucet. The shower is the only fixture that works. Since the parts are internal, I'll be contacting Vintage Tub for more information to contact the manufacturer. February 9, 2010
Kish I am glad we added this feature to our shower. It makes the bath have many more uses. It really comes in handy to give the dog a bath or to rinse off without getting totally soaked! October 24, 2009
A Much Beloved English Telephone Faucet! In 2006, I purchased a house built in 1928, but it had a left over bath remodel from the early 70's. A friend on the other side of town found an old claw tub in great condition, so I decided to renovate the bathroom in a 1920's to 1930's era. After checking the internet for weeks for the perfect fixtures to go with the tub, I finally decided on Vintage Tub and Bath. They had the best price (as I was under a super tight budget), a stylish looking product line, and a fixture of superior quality. Now after installation, I find my English Telephone Faucet adds a noticeable element of elegance to the bathroom in additional to the claw tub, the white beadboard wainscoting, and the octagonal shaped black and white checker tiled floors. Even overnight guests have commented on the fixture when showering, saying it's like going back in time. Using the fixture during a bath is also convenient, as you can cleanly rinse shampoo and soap suds from your body while still sitting in the tub full of water. --- Installation was fairly simple as well; just following instructions carefully, and you'll have your fixture and shower enclosure ring installed within a couple of hours. However, the most gratifying result of my purchasing the English Telephone Faucet is that it looks and operates like the day I first installed it. No Rust - all quality copper parts, and cleaning is such a breeze. When soap scum or water deposits accumulate, just spray some CLR on the crome, let sit for 5 min., then rinse using the Telephone handle - and watch is sparkle again like new! October 22, 2009
Wonderful product Functional, beautiful, a great product! No problems after 2 years. October 21, 2009
Excellent Quality Pretty easy to install, although as I was putting it into a bathroom in England, there was difficulty getting enough water pressure initially. Excellent quality and looks very classy! October 20, 2009
Fixture review Beautiful, elegant - of the highest quality - I do not regret this expensive purchase! Thank you October 13, 2009