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Belle Foret 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet with Metal Cross Handles

Item#: N12002CP-S
Belle Foret 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet with Metal Cross Handles
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Belle Foret 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet with Metal Cross Handles 4.4 5 10 10
Flawed cold water faucet First, I love the set -- it's been in use now for about 13 months. Was bought a good 12 months before that. I came back to website to find the name of the product and it was interesting to see that someone else is having a problem with the cold water control. Mine however, is a lot less dramatic -- the handle keeps coming loose requiring me to take off the cap and tighten with a screw driver. It started pretty early after installation but I just made a mental note to ask the plumber when I needed him for something else --- assuming that the warrenty was finished anyway. The plumber said it's a bad stem or stem extension because it doesn't fit together firmly. The extension is wobbley as it doesn't screw all the way on the stem. He said it's a relatively easy fix and suggested I contact you for the parts. So, that's what I'm doing. My reason for writing this review is that, given the other persons' relatively recent problem and all the other reviews, I don't agree that it's "poor quality" --- I think you got a "flawed" supply of stems or stem extensions. The other faucet is fine as is the sprayer, personnally, I love it with my fluted farmhouse sink I got at the same time! I will be contacting Customer Service as you suggest. October 5, 2012
Poor Quality I purchased this faucet in the oil-rubbed bronze finish. I love the style and shape of the faucet and handles, but the quality is disappointingly poor. The main issue is that the cold water faucet is easily turned past the "off" point, resulting in water pouring out from under the handle. The fix is to turn off the water supply, remove the handle and tighten the screw. It's hard to guess how many times this has happened since the set was installed. It's a shame, because it really is a beautiful looking set. I would not purchase this brand again. May 16, 2012
Belle Foret faucet The most beautiful faucet I have ever had the pleasure to own - looks gorgeous with my new marble counter!!! March 20, 2012
Super Pretty I have a tendency to be a bit obsessive about details and not being able to touch and feel the quality of the faucet required a real leap of faith for me but I am very satisfied with this faucet. I tiled my countertop in white marble, put in a white cast iron sink and this faucet is like a happy, sparkly jewel that makes me want to do dishes! Unheard of. The solid brass sidespray was one of my requirements and I love it. The only thing that caught me off guard was that the hot and cold porcelain buttons also say Belle Foret. Eh. I chose Vintage Tub because of the respectful return policy. Would highly recommend. November 18, 2011
Belle Foret with Cross Handles We mounted these Kictchen taps onto Granite and found them very easy to install. Very pleased with teh quality of the facets. Followed the directions to the letter and made sure to use the Teflon tap because of a previous review I read about leaks installing these facets. We ordered the stainless Steel to match the rest of our kitchen and they look great and work just as great. The only small issue I found was with the sprayer. The sprayer holder seems to need an o-ring or you must add washers to get the holder and the ring that seats to your counter top to be tight together. Otherwise the ring is loose no matter how much you try and tighten under the counter. This is most likely related to the type of counter top used and granite is thiner then standard counter tops. Might be a good idea to add a washer to the kit and add that it would most be needed to when using a thiner counter top then the standard. These facets look and work great and a great value for the money. October 26, 2009
Beautiful faucet! I purchased this Belle Foret faucet from vintage tub (through eBay) and what a great decision! This faucet is beautiful and very well constructed. I truly bought this faucet because of the elegant ( if not a little antique/victorian) look and the handle types. The handles only turn a quarter-turn and they both turn out instead of both turning to the left. Just turning on the faucet you can tell it is made very well. I think it would probably compare with much more expensive faucets in it's design, use and construction. Now... installation. I have very weak plumbing skills and always fret at plumbing repair/installation. I had no trouble installing this faucet. After hooking it up there were no leaks (except at my compression fitting which isn't the faucet's fault). There are no 'quick-connect' fittings which is okay by me. It only took me a couple hours to get it out of the box and installed. All in all, I obviously highly recommend this faucet. If you like it how looks be assured you'll love it in your kitchen! October 11, 2009
Belle Foret Cross Handle Faucet I absolutely LOVE my faucet! I used it in the kitchen with a white farmhouse sink and I am so pleased with the results. The price was outstanding because I priced many of the same faucets that were incredibly expensive and looked exactly the same. After tons of research I found this faucet at Vintage Tub & Bath. When I received the faucet my husband thought I had paid $700.00, he was very surprised when I told him the actual price! Thanks, Amy, SC September 28, 2008
Pleased overall The faucet is beautiful and seems to be well made. Be aware that the sprayer is also made of metal so when you are using hot water it will heat up. Depending on how hot the water is, it can get too hot to handle. Also, it has a bit of weight to it. I accidently dropped it while rinsing out a glass bowl and ended up breaking my bowl because of the sprayer's weight. Also, the installation was difficult because at first it kept leaking. We had it professionally installed and the "professionals" couldn't keep it from leaking. My husband ended up tearing it apart and after several attempts to reinstall it we noticed that each time he attempted to tighten it, the washer got sucked up in the faucet tube. We fixed the problem by inserting another washer on top of the original one. It almost seemed like there should have been two to start with. At any rate, that solved the problem and it has worked great ever since. August 17, 2008