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Minuteman International Dragon Steamer

Item#: MMT-39
Minuteman International Dragon Steamer
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Shown in Black
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Puff the STEAMY dragon Had been searching for one of these for a while.Notas easy to find in Canada,so was delighted to not only find it-as a gift - but shipping was included. Very HAPPY indeed ! June 2, 2012
Leaky top, drippy nose A great idea but sloppy execution.   Not recommended.   No problem with the shipping. Base is case iron but the top is ceramic, made in China.   The top does not fit tightly on the base, and as a result much more steam comes out between the top and the base than comes out the nose.   It is like a pot, with a poorly fitting cover, will not do a good job.   Steam does come out the nose if the base is on a real rolling boil, but that is not the way anyone would use a steamer on top of a wood stove.   Too bad. April 29, 2012
Dragon Steamer Loved this little girl "Puff", ordered it online problem free, received it with no shipping charges to Canada, would certainly use this company again. March 7, 2012
Exactly what I expected We moved to our new home in May and now we have our first wood burning stove. Years ago I saw this little fellow advertised in a catalog and I thought it was cute but I had no use for him. Now we do and I am delighted with the quality of the product and with the care in which it was wrapped. Looking forward to years of whimisical dragon steam! December 10, 2011
steamer doesn't We have a propane stove up in New Hampshire and have placed the steamer on top. While it sends water vapor up into the room fairly well, it does not actually send steam out of the dragon- a little disappointing. It is cute and we still like the appearance. December 10, 2009
Fun dragon with a drippy nose We'd been considering this steamer for a while and finally ordered it. It came promptly and in perfect condition. We've had a couple of fires already this season and can report that, before he steams, the dragon has a bit of a drippy nose. But once the stove and dragon heat up, he steams very nicely. We put some scented liquid originally purchased for our hot tub in the container, so our new friend is currently puffing eucalyptus "smoke". October 17, 2009
Great Dragon! the only issue being my brand new woodstove is so well insulated, it doesn't generate enough heat to make steam. So, I start him on the stove top, then transfer to the woodstove. No problem at all with the steamer, he is great and a real conversation starter! March 26, 2008