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Myson Diamond Wall Mount Towel Warmer

Item#: M-WDIA08
Myson Diamond Wall Mount Towel Warmer
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Shown in Bright Stainless
Myson Diamond Wall Mount Towel Warmer 3.3 5 6 6
Rubbish I bought 2. One burnt out just within the warranty of 2 years. The other burnt out at 2.5 years, outside of the warranty. Satisfactory untii coil burnt out. Basically disposable after 2 years. So, do not drill your marble walls. Made in China. 30 years ago, I bought one that lasted 20 years, made in Britain. I am sure made in USA would also have lasted. February 15, 2013
Heated Towel Bar Great product ! provides a nice warm towel and will dry your wet towel after use.My wife loves it. May 24, 2012
Satisfied but not thrilled Our budget forced us into this price range and while I feel we got our money's worth I would rather have been able to afford a higher end model as I believe a higher end model would address my dislikes about this product. What I dislike: 1. If you brush up against it while it is on it WILL burn your skin. 2. My towel ends up smelling sort of like overcooked toast. 3. The plug is large enough that it dominates the outlet and I was forced to purchase an outlet expander. 4. You can overload your outlet and kill your timer settings. What I like: 1. The product is solid and looks well made unlike some other brands in this price range. 2. You have the option to hard-wire or use your electrical outlet. We chose to use the outlet and have put a timer on the unit. It comes on at 7am and goes off at 11am and our towels have dried properly with no problems. You DO need to fold the towels as specified in the directions that come with the unit. I have never had any problem with scorching or burning of my towels. With regard to the timer, I had the timer plugged into the outlet and then the towel warmer and my hair dryer were plugged into the timer. When I ran the hair dryer the time delay settings on the timer were tripped because I overloaded the outlet. Overall I recommend this unit if your budget puts you into this price range. February 1, 2012
Very warm My last towel warmer was free standing and cheaper than this one, but this is by far a superior product. I had been looking for a towel warmer that actually warmed the towels and not just dried them. This towel warmer really warms the towels and actually is hot to touch. It is easy to install. I love the fact that I can wrap up with a hot towel after I shower. December 29, 2010
Towel Warmer It's been effective and useful for drying towels after we use them. I rarely remember to turn on the warmer before I take a shower or bath. The bars become VERY hot; I have actually burned my hand or arm more than once. I'm more careful now not to touch any part of the warmer after I turn it on. The unit is nice-looking and holds several towels easily. October 8, 2009
MADE IN CHINA Not what one expects of a Myson. OK, it was cheap, but it is 'cheap'. Stand-offs very thin and very poorly plated and polished, pop rivets very evident in construction. Nasty coiled cord. I did not install it, it would annoy me to see it every day. UK made Mysons are a very different breed. September 29, 2009