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Randolph Morris 67 Inch Cast Iron Slipper Clawfoot Tub - No Drillings

Item#: LG67SL0WSIC-S
Randolph Morris 67 Inch Cast Iron Slipper Clawfoot Tub - No Drillings
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Shown in Chrome Ball and Claw Feet
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Randolph Morris 67 Inch Cast Iron Slipper Clawfoot Tub - No Drillings 4.5 5 4 4
Love the tub! I'm very happy with this tub. It arrived in perfect condition, and now looks beautiful installed. The lines are really lovely, as is the finish, and it fits in perfectly with my classic black-and-white bathroom. And it's long and deep enough for my 6' husband to soak comfortably. In fact, it was hubby who suggested the slipper tub when I was going to go with just a regular tub, and I have to say, he had a point - the slipper configuration is quite comfortable for reclining. I had always wanted a cast iron tub, and we installed this as part of a renovation But it seemed like everyone kept questioning my desire for a cast-iron tub. People kept telling me to get acryllic (it's lighter, it's easier to install, it's more "modern", it's less expensive, it "looks the same"), or telling me to put in a jacuzzi tub (it's the "upscale" thing), or just questioning the whole idea of a tub (telling me "you won't use it"). I stuck to my guns, and am I ever glad I did! First of all, there is no comparison between cast iron and acryllic as far as I'm concerned. I saw some acryllic tubs in showrooms, and they simlply do not have the solid, luxurious feel of a real cast-iron tub. And does this tub every hold heat! The water stays hot longer than I've ever been able to stay in a bath! Like a previous reviewer, I like the peaceful, tranquil nature of a soaker tub rather than busy water jets. And yes, I use it. I absolutely LOVE IT. Of course, the nay-sayers were right about one thing - it was a pain to install. Getting it up a flight of narrow old-house stairs and through a narrow bathroom door was no picnic. It took five of the contractor's men, grunting and cursing, to get the monster up, and then they had to take the bathroom door off to get it through, and I had to pay extra for the labor. But it was worth it. Did I mention that I LOVE this tub? This is a great tub...although to be fair, I'm not sure it's this particular brand that I love so much, or just the fact that it's a nice, deep, cast iron slipper tub. April 5, 2014
Best Tub Ever I recently remodeled my bathroom and decided to replace an old jaccuzzi for a more traditional soaker tub. My vintage tub has exceeded all expectations. First, the tub is solid. You immediately know that you are not sitting in a plastic or fiberglass bucket. It is a feeling of security. The tub was just the right length so you could comfortably sit in it and read a book without sliding down into the water. The cast iron construction helped the water retain heat eliminating constant refilling with hot water. As for the jets in the old tub, I don't miss them. If you looking for a bathtub that you can sit in and relax and avoid the noise and distraction of jets, bubbles and neon lights, look no further. The tub came as ordered with all the proper parts and color. My contractor was able to install it without too much difficulty, but the tub is heavy and needs multiple hands to lift and move it into position. The drain fixture was an easy install although the plumber wished there was more of an overlap in the pipe fittings. I recommend this tub and Vintage Tub as a vendor to anyone looking to remodel their bathroom. May 27, 2012
Good Product The tub and fixtures were great but I ordered the oil rubbed bronze and received black feet for the tub. When I called to get them to send me the ones I ordered I was told that the black feet were the ones they send for oil rubbed bronze. They said the rep was supposed to tell me that when I ordered it but they didn't. So now I have to find paint to match the fixtures before my plumber can install it. Not very convenient!! December 28, 2010
everyone loves the tub~ Tub came delivered as stated, called first to insure we were home. Took us more time to install then we expected so buy the time we got to it were consirned about damage under where we couldn't see on inspection. It was perfect. Bubble under legs was a nice touch to keep the finish from chipping. One advice tho' we had tile floor and opted not to purchase the floor protectors, I wish we had. The floor is fine but I'm thinking over the years and the cleaning the chrome would be better protected with that little of a rise from the mop. Finish was a bit rippled and not as smooth as the old ones but still no one but me notices it! I've even gotten rave reviews from the worst critizer ever~ MOther in law!! November 8, 2008