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Kimball & Young 208 Wall Mount Double Sided Bathroom Mirror

Item#: KY20845-S
Kimball & Young 208 Wall Mount Double Sided Bathroom Mirror
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Kimball & Young Wall Mount Mirror Ordered 2. The threaded stud(s) on both were too short to allow the threads on the decorative nuts to catch. Both were unusable. Ordered replacements from Restoration Hardware. September 17, 2012
KIMBALL AND YOUNG WALL MOUNT BATHROOM MIRROR 20845 This is my second one exactly like this one. My husband continued to use mine to shave. So our new bathroom had room by his side, and it looks very well. He is very pleased to have it.As you get older it is nice to have a mirror that helps you see uo close. January 11, 2012
Not user friendly installation! We bought this product because we didn't want to mess around with anything less than a very good quality product. It was exactly what my wife wanted and was just like the one we had seen that she liked at a  luxury hotel we stayed at recently. Unfortunately it did not install the way it was supposed to due to very poor quality control of the mounting hardware. If the backplate is mounted flush to the wall as shown ( there is really no other way to do it with the parts supplied) then the bolts from the backplate do not protrude far enough through the front mounting plate to be able to screw on the decorative nuts that secure these two pieces together. The bolts are not adjustable. The only reason the nuts screw on the bolts when the unit is unpacked is because the backplate sits INSIDE the front mounting plate slightly and the only way to resolve this is to make a spacer (@ 1/8 in.) in the shape of the backplate to allow it to protrude from the wall slightly. So now we will have to get a handyman and pay for installation of this mirror. This is absolutely inexcusable on a mirror that sells for up to 5 times more than similar products! I'm sure once we have accomplished mounting this mirror that it will likely meet our expectations but it will most likely have been an investment of over $200 by then. September 13, 2011
Every bathroom should have one! While staying at a hotel, I used a mirror like this and was so impressed that my husband found it online, bought, and installed it for me. It is one product with which I have been 100% satisfied. There are so few of those in life.... November 2, 2009
Mirror not to much to say about a mirror but it is a nice mirror August 22, 2008
Great Wall Mont Mirror I Love this mirror! It was easy to install and now it is always handy. I don't have to worry about DROPPING it, like my last mirror!! June 11, 2008