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InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Garbage Disposer

InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Garbage Disposer
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Shown in Black Enamel Gray
InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Garbage Disposer 4.5 5 161 161
Baffle? I recently installed the cover control version, and am surprised about the lack of baffle and having to remove it for use. My previous version of the magnetically controlled unit had a baffle and now I'm let down by the product. Is there anything that can be done? October 28, 2014
Baffle - Poor design or am I not doing this correctly? I recently had the evolution cover control installed and have 2 issues with it. 1. in order to turn it on, i have to either a) pull out the baffle (the plastic guard) which is disgusting and put the cover on so that it turns on or b) leave the baffle out but now i have a huge hole in my sink where stuff will fall into (obviously don't want to be sticking my hand down in there) 2) it was REALLY quiet the first couple days but now there is a rattling sound Anyone have any ideas on the issue with the baffle? October 11, 2014
Great until you need repair under warranty ! I am a Maintenance person for a building with 200 insinkerators. they work NICE AND QUIET! Every now and then they get stuck (all normal) or Safety switch pops when tenants throw utensils etc in the disposal ( I know Disposals). Last Week i had one that has no sign of Life, nu humming, the swicth does click but nothing spins! Insinkerator walked me through troubleshooting and finally gave us a contact info to a local appliance person that will do the warranty work. I explained that i removed it and installed a new one, and I need the bad one repaired/replaced, didn't happen !! He wants me to put back the insinkerator under the sink and leave tenants with a non-working disposal(we all know the sink will get clogged right away) for 2-3 weeks until they test it and/or get a new one from factory! I dont understand this as the disposal has nothing to do with plumbing, you give it power and you'll see the problem! From my experience, WASTE KING will send you a new one right away. September 19, 2014
mechnism is workhorse in my home's kitchen, but stopper/switch doesn't match wits I've had my Evolution series with cover control in operation in my home's remodeled kitchen since early 2007. No complaints about the mechanism, but it begs for a lemon or lime wedge once a week to keep odors away. My woe has been with the wonky-shaped and weak plastic construction of the magnetic stopper/switch-control. I'm almost on my third one. The magnets eventually break out of their embedded plastic housing, making the stopper too snug to fit in the drain-neck switch. At $40 a-pop every two years-or-so, it starts raising the lifecycle operating costs to that of a complete new appliance. July 27, 2014
annoying I have had insinkerators for 30 years. I wish I had my old one back. It was still working but wouldn't fit with new sink configuration. Food needs to be pushed down into new one. If it is not it clogs the sink. The magnetic properties of the stupid cover stick to every pot and silverware and knife in the sink. It is just annoying. And so quiet you can't tell whether it is working or not. The good news is it does grind up the food although you have to look into it to make sure, since you can't tell by the sound ! March 8, 2014
Seamless operation, I have had several different brands of disposers through the years . I will stick with Insinkerator. They are very tough and I like the safety of the batch feed. December 24, 2013
Nice in the beginning but now having problems The product was difficult to install but once it was installed it was nice and fairly quite. However, I have had this product less than a year and haven't used it enough for it to start failing. It is now leaking. I am highly disappointed. December 22, 2013
Amazingly quiet, yet effective This disposal replaced one that died after a long (20+ year) life. The price was right at Home Depot. When our plumber installed it and turned it on I couldn't believe how quiet it was, yet it clearly does its work well. We hope to keep it for the next 20 years. December 22, 2013