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InSinkErator Evolution 3/4 HP Compact Garbage Disposer

InSinkErator Evolution 3/4 HP Compact Garbage Disposer
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Shown in Black Enamel Gray
InSinkErator Evolution 3-4 HP Compact Garbage Disposer 4.7 5 480 480
Never EVER again At the moment I have a plugged sink because I had the nerve to try to dispose of grape vines or whatever you call them. I learned long ago that a banana is beyond its ability, but GRAPES? This may have been a good product years ago but this is the fifth problem I've had in two years. I'm calling the plumber tomorrow and having it removed. June 8, 2014
Would not buy any other brand Great product. Better than expected. Very quiet. Very satisfied. January 25, 2014
Yes it is quiet but the cheap rubber boot failed.... We bought this garbage disposal in 2007. Easy to install and we were impressed with how quiet it was when running. Well, just under 7 years later this disposal needs to be replaced. There is something wrong with the fitting that attached to the drain pipe and it is leaking water. We didn't notice this until we found that our wood floors in the kitchen were warping due to small amounts of water leakage (came from when we run the dishwasher that drains through disposal.) Mechanically the disposal is still fine but the fitting and surrounding area is damaged so the unit is trash. January 10, 2014
One problem It is difficult to get the garbage into the unit. It requires something to push the garbage into the disposal. December 29, 2013
Powerful and Quiet This is the best disposal we have ever had. It is very quiet and powerful enough for our family of 5! December 28, 2013
Operates well for us, fits in a small space This Insinkerator serves our purposes very well, It fits in a smaller cabinet space, is very quiet, and we have had no problems in 6 months of use. Our previous model was 20 years old - here's hoping this one lasts as long! December 25, 2013
Very quiet I really like this disposal. The only issue i have with it is the rubber piece that keeps things from going in the drain, keeps pretty much everything from going down. I have to constantly use something to make "open" it up so even the suds in the sink can go down. December 24, 2013
Great product This is the first new garbage disposal I have had in years. I can't believe how quiet it is. A couple of times I thought something was wrong because it didn't sound like it was running. I had to throw a few ice cubes down the drain to prove to myself that it was, in fact, working. I did not rate the installation higher because I had it installed by a contractor. I highly recommend this product. December 24, 2013