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Garbage Disposer - 1/2 HP, Badger 5 - InSinkErator

Garbage Disposer - 1/2 HP, Badger 5 - InSinkErator
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Garbage Disposer - 1-2 HP, Badger 5 - InSinkErator 4.6 5 1276 1276
Badger 5 Plus 7 We also have a leak problem with our Badger 5 Plus 7. It is 10 years old. The unit and the pipes appear to be in excellent shape but obviously there is a problem. We think it might be the fly wheel but we don't know. September 14, 2014
ALSO LEAKING FROM THE BOTTOM... Insinkerator in general is pretty commonplace and I have seen and used them in numerous homes without issue. Unfortunately for this one, following suite of the other reviews, mine has also started leaking from the bottom. Was looking to replace in-kind, but seeing the number of reviews that are experiencing the same leak is making me reconsider. With minimal use, it worked fine for us up until it started leaking. Expected it to have lasted much longer. September 13, 2014
Good Value, Price and Dependability My previous disposal was an InSinkerator unit, so I compared various makes and models - the Badger 5 seemed like a good deal. One caveat being that it was the first time I had ever replaced a garbage disposal, and it seemed to be a daunting task. The directions were fairly straight forward, however. And the installation was a success! It has been almost a year since I bought the Badger 5 and have not had any problems. Quiet running. Good Value, Price and Dependability September 12, 2014
Clogs continuously I installed this 4-6 years ago and had no problems until the last 1-2 years. I put almost nothing down this disposer as it continues to clog so often. September 10, 2014
After 6 years has developed a leak on bottom. Like the review dated 07/28/2014, Today my Badger 5 started to drip around the bottom. Have checked drain line and it is clear and disposal is running. Purchased this unit in July 2009 while renovating house and was installed by a Licensed Plumber. We use it a couple of times a day, on average. I am fixing to call the Plumber to see what needs to be done. This cost will be at least $80.00 Service Call, plus any parts or new unit. Unless you can suggest anything that I might safely checkout. August 26, 2014
Internal leak after only 6 years I have installed a Badger 5 in two houses in the past. The latest model has an internal leak causing water to drip constantly from the reset button area. This just started recently and luckily was found early. I could see this happening to an older or cheaper unit, but at only 6 years since install, it is a disappointment. I would like to stay within the same family of product, as the brackets and hose connections are all still perfectly clean and secure, showing no signs of leakage. However, if product failures occured this early on the Badger 5, I just don't know if I have faith in the other products. July 28, 2014
Alwaysd Clogging Up, Cost us $2,000 + so far Clogs up too easy, we baby the heck out of it and it continues to clog. I do not understand why the drain pipe is on the side of the container instead of the bottom. Used Drano over and over, it never works. Removed and nothing is in the side drain opening. July 27, 2014
Disappointed wih some aspects I am disappointed with this purchase. I bought this in May of 2014. Installation was not really a problem, but a little tedious. In the two months I have had it seems to have a hard time grinding the heartier fruits and vegetables. The noise it makes will change in pitch if something beefier goes in. It is noisy to begin with. It will also vibrate the entire sink as well. It freaks out when a kale stem or cauliflower trunk goes in. Even an orange, lemon, lime peel will send the grinder spastic. I am now cutting up my ALL stems, ends, and to cater to the Badger so it will be able to handle the simple task of grinding a few puny vegetable/fruit leftovers. I watched their little video they have posted online and it shows chicken bones being ground down.... I couldn't even dream of doing that with my Badger 5. I also see the retaining bolt holding the blades in place is rusting already too and remember It has only been in my sink for 2 months. I beats not having one but I should have spent the extra money and got a disposal with more power. July 19, 2014