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Garbage Disposer - 1/2 HP, Badger 5 - InSinkErator

Garbage Disposer - 1/2 HP, Badger 5 - InSinkErator
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Shown in Waterbourne Grey Enamel
Garbage Disposer - 1-2 HP, Badger 5 - InSinkErator 4.6 5 1268 1268
Quieter than older Badger 5 model I just replaced a Badger model 5-38 (burned out motor) that was installed prior to 1999, when I bought my home. I have no idea of its actual age, but it lasted. The Badger 5-84 was easy to install with no modifications required. And it is so much quieter than the old one. July 13, 2014
The Badger 5 , 1/2 horsepower is NOT built to last. Our Badger 5 was purchased 4 1/2 years ago. When we switch it on, it hums, but does not turn on its own. We checked it for a jam and the power is fine. I called customer service and was advised that the product needs to be replaced. I was told the warranty is for only 2 years and I need to purchase a new one. I will be purchasing the replacement from a different manufacturer. I do not want to make this purchase every 4 -5 years. July 12, 2014
Rusted after 8 years! My InSinkErator Badger 5 1/2HP model 5-81 is a rust bucket and at most it's 8 years old. Started leaking from the bottom. There is a lot of rust inside the unit and viewable from the output. The bottom plate doesn't have visible rust from the outside but the internals of the disposer sure does. Why not use metal that is more rust resistant, like aluminum? Avoid if you don't want a disposer that is designed to wear out after some years, even if the motor has low amount of 'miles' on it. July 10, 2014
Lasted under 6 years Disposer came with our ne home. Started leaking near over load switch. Noticed leak during dishwasher replacement. Slow drip has been occurring for a while because the wood in the bottom of the cabinet was starting to buckle. The leak would only start when unit was running. Ended up buying another Badger but the next model up 5XP. I wanted the Evolution series, but going from 14 to 19 pounds seemed too much weight for the under mount sink. June 29, 2014
Bagder 5 I did not personally install my Badger 5, but have been very pleased. I try to stay aware of what is going down the drain, but the items I do let go down do not stand a chance. The unit is very powerful and surprisingly quiet. March 4, 2014
Housing cracks after warranty expires Bought this early 2008 to replace 20 year old one that finally broke. After 3 years the upper housing cracked leaking water all the time. I patched and it held for another year before cracking more in same spot. Now in 2014 it has a new crack in another location on the housing. I've tried patching again, we will see how long it lasts. It's a good disposer but the quality lacks with the materials and of course it cracks after warranty is expired February 8, 2014
Works like a champ, but noisy!! bought home in 1997, existing insinkerator was already here and lasted another 15 years before needing replaced. reviews warned that it was noisy, but bought it anyway because of durability. reviews were right, new insinkerator is noisier than the original one. February 5, 2014
No problem so far in almost 2 years! Easy to access manual online and follow instructions. Had a problem and fixed it myself by just following the instructions. January 12, 2014