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Warmrails Kensington Wallmounted Towel Warmer & Drying Rack
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Warmrails Kensington Wallmounted Towel Warmer & Drying Rack
Item#: HSKC-S

Price Range: $169.99 to $175.99

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Size: 24"W x 39-1/2"H x 5-3/4"D
Warmrails Kensington Wallmounted Towel Warmer and Drying Rack 4.3 5 47 47
Easy peasy We purchased the Warmrails Kensington Wallmounted Towel warmer for our ensuite renovation to add a touch of luxury. Let's face it, no one NEEDS a towel warmer, but my wife, who is habitually a freezy baby, thought it might be nice (we also installed a heated tile floor, but I digress). We ordered it online, it arrived within a week, and was in fine shape. It arrives in "soft wired" mode, meaning it has a plug, but can be converted to "hard wired" merely by clipping the cord.  Since we were doing a full-on reno, the walls were open, so I could easily install wood backing and the electrical necessary for power and support. Instructions were clear, install was straightforward, and the unit operates as advertised. Looks good and does a nice job of drying and warming the towels. Installation front to back was under an hour, but I am employed in the renovation industry, and am mechanically inclined.  I'm sure one could find a way to mess up the unit if they try hard enough. I had read a review that older models had some parts that were better, and that may be true, but I have no complaints with the appearance or function of this unit. Would buy it again in a heartbeat (and probably will when we do our next bath reno!). December 17, 2013
Love it!! Great towel warmer, good size, love the on off switch. Our old one didn't have one. Our builder put the plug in a weird spot so my husband hung it upside down and we used the plug instead of the hard wire option and you'd think it was built to be installed that way. Price was great and delivery even better.  I will definitely use this Site again. December 15, 2013
Towel Warmer Easy to install, looks good and works as advertised. September 12, 2013
cheaper than it used to be but still does the job We had the Kensington in the previous house and wanted to add them to the new house.  The previous house had had them for about 5 years.  The new ones are a littler cheaper made.  The wall mounts are plastic instead of metal.  The hard wire option does not provide the screws to the wall plate and instead of including a back plate to the control box, they have you cut the wire and pass it through.  This makes the installation a little harder than before.   Other than that they are great, they heat fast and look fabulous.  Installation takes about 35-45 minutes if your wiring is already in the wall.  They definitely look more expensive than their actual price! Oh and did I mention that they make your towels warm and cuddly?  The towels also never get that smell from not drying fast enough, allowing you to use them for more than a day.   I put ours on a countdown timer and they require about 4h at a time to dry thick towels. October 14, 2012
goodbye damp towels Because we had one in our previous master bath, we got two for our new house to finish our newly remodeled bathrooms. We enjoy having dry, warmed towels each time we hit the shower. Have learned that the more folded your towel is, the warmer the middle layers will get. Have also used to dry little girls' swimsuits in the summer since they are in and out of them multiple times everyday (or so it seems). The electricity use is minimal; the units are hot to the touch, but will not burn you unless you stand there and hold on for quite awhile--not sure who has the time or inclination for such. The bottom mounting bracket does not get warm, so little fingers don't get hurt touching that part, the mild heat is enough to also help with the "hot" lesson of life. They install fairly easily with the enclosed brackets, screws and wall anchors. Unfortunately, the bottom bracket cover near the on/off switch is nearly impossible to hold out of the way while screwing the back plate to the wall. This was different on our original model, so on 1st new model installed, I damaged the cover some (it's plastic and not really noticeable), so on the 2nd one I just left it off. Since the on/off switch is there, no one notices the bracket cover is missing (including my wife, who sees everything!). I installed both using the cord, not the hard wire way. I used very simple peel-and-stick cord covers (from a large Swedish home store) to guide the cord down and along the baseboard toward the outlet. The covers keep busy little fingers from pulling on the cord and make dusting them easier. While they will not get your entire towel "dryer toasty," you will appreciate having a dry towel each and every time you step out of the shower. Our old one was still working great after being installed for 6+ years (I think it helped sell our old house). It was left on 24/7, except when we left on extended vacations. Our new ones have been working well since installed.  I called customer service to verify they had two in stock. The call was quickly answered and she offered to take my order, but I wanted to just place it online which I did. The shipping was quick and the packaging was fine in the delivery (keep in mind it comes preassembled so the box is large but lightweight). If yours are out of square, like mine were, when you try to mark on the wall for mounting, give a gentle but firm, steady twist and it straightens right out.  Trust me, you'll enjoy this purchase and score big points with everyone! Goodbye damp towels, good riddance. October 13, 2012
Looks fabulous ! works great ! Even my contractor's team was impressed with this item. The electrician confirmed it was very easy to install. It is summer so I haven't used it much but the couple of times I got out of the tub and picked up a warm towel was amazing ! I am looking forward to using it in the winter. The item was also delivered within the promised time. July 11, 2012
Warmrails - kensington wallmounted towel warmer/ Very beautiful look and design. Fit in wonderfully with my new bathroom July 11, 2012
Warmrails Towel Warmer I have had a Warmrails in the master bathroom for 5 years. With two guests coming to use the smallish guest bathroom, I needed something to make sure their towels were dried since two showers a day were necessary in the hot weather. I needed it fast and Vintage Tub made sure it reached me in very good time. I installed the Warmrails with no difficulty and the guests appreciated having dry towels each time. It's not beautiful, particularly with its (for me) unnecessarily long cord, but it does a good job. I don't understand why more Americans don't think to have towel warmers in their homes. July 10, 2012